Ülemiste City Developers to Invest 500,000 Euros in Tallinn University of Technology Professorship

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Upon the initiative of Mainor AS, the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) will open a first ever City of the Future Professorship this autumn. The developers of Ülemiste City are planning to invest almost 500,000 euros in the professorship over the next five years.

According to TalTech rector Jaak Aaviksoo, the city of the future is one of the research priorities of the university and the professorship is to be launched as soon as this autumn in the School of Engineering. „TalTech is looking into different smart things – self-driving cars, smart houses, smart homes, smart cities – we are working on those in cooperation with partners in Estonia and further afield as well. The City of the Future Professorship that we are developing in cooperation with Mainor plays an important role in this and ought to create synergies between Ülemiste City and TalTechCity,” Aaviksoo said. The university has started an international search for a suitable professor and according to the rector some serious candidates have come up already.

According to Chairman of the Mainor AS Management Board Kadi Pärnits this must be the largest private capital investment in such an educational project in Estonia. „Speaking of city planning, Ülemiste is facing exciting times in the next five years: the plans include the Rail Baltic terminal, the terminal for underground high-speed trains between Tallinn and Helsinki, the number of passengers travelling through Tallinn Airport is expected to grow many times and the number of people living and working in Ülemiste City will double,” Pärnits enthused.

„In light of all this the City of the Future Professorship has been created – so that the largest business hub of the Baltic states would become one of the most innovative cities of the future,” Pärnits noted and added that the idea of cooperating with the universities and research institutions came from Ülo Pärnits, who founded Mainor and set the Ülemiste City project in motion.

The new professorship brings together research fellows, graduate and postgraduate students and an R&D working group, who will focus on data processing and research for creating living and working environments in the city of the future.

The City of the Future Professorship shall be launched by the TalTech School of Engineering in cooperation with the developers of Ülemiste City and the City of Tallinn, with the technology giant Ericsson and a number of other private companies, mostly based in Ülemiste City, contributing as well.

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