Ülemiste City now has a dog park

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On May 13, the Ülemiste City dog park was opened at Sepapaja 2 (next to Selver), which is free for everyone and open 24/7.


  1. I ALWAYS close the gate behind me!
  2. I throw the dog’s poop always into the appropriate trash can.
  3. I fill the holes dug by the dog with soil/sand so that they are not dangerous for other dogs and people.
  4. The training elements are intended for dogs, people do not climb or sit on them.
  5. Do not leave the dog unattended in the enclosure.
  6. I come to the enclosure with a dog that is fully vaccinated, unless the doctor has prescribed otherwise.
  7. Do not visit the enclosure with a sick dog.
  8. I will inform about the dogs estrus time before entering the enclosure and also the newcomers.
  9. A dog with aggressive or disruptive behavior wears a muzzle in the enclosure and is controlled with a long leash.
  10. I am 100% responsible for my dog’s behavior and actions in the enclosure.
  11. When coming into the enclosure with children, never leave children or dogs unattended.
  12. Consumption of alcohol in the enclosure is prohibited.

NB! We have video surveillance in Ülemiste City.

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