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Dear Ülemiste City community member!

You have probably noticed that in the Ülemiste area, the construction related to Rail Baltic, one of the most significant development projects in Estonia so far, has started. The construction of the Ülemiste terminal is carried out by our community member KMG Infra OÜ in cooperation with Merko Ehitus, and as a result of this, we will have a green connection with the whole of Europe already soon. From the Ülemiste City point of view, it is important that the new train line will connect us with Assaku, Kurtna, Luige, Saku, Rapla and Pärnu, so in the future, it will be possible to come to work in Ülemiste from much further than Harjumaa thanks to the smooth connection.

However, the construction works will last until March 2027, and as it is a complex development during which we need to maintain train traffic, the extremely important tram connection for our campus has been closed according to today’s forecast until December 2025. We fully understand that the lack of such an important transport connection causes some inconvenience. Ülemiste City has contributed to accessibility by public transport for many years and fully supports alternative types of transportation to cars, so we want to find the best solutions for replacing the tram line with buses in cooperation with the developers of the Ülemiste City area, the city of Tallinn and Rail Baltic Estonia.

So what is the most convenient way to get to Ülemiste City from the city center and Lasnamäe?

  • Bus line no. 15 Estonia – Sõjamäe. From September 1, there are additional buses and a busier autumn timetable: here.
  • Bus line no. 2 Balti Jaam – Mõigu. Added stop at the airport, from which Ülemiste City is only a short walk away: here.
  • Bus line no. 7 Seli – Sõjamäe: here. Bus stops at Ülemiste City from the Majaka põik tram stop: Pae – Järvevana – Ülemiste jaam – -Dvigatel – Lõõtsa – Valukoja – Kaubajaama. Interval in rush hour 3–4 buses per hour.
  • Trams no. 2 Kopli – Suur-Paala and no. 4 Tondi – Suur Paala started on September 1. By taking the tram to the stop Majaka põik, you can change to bus no. 7 Seli – Sõjamäe, which will take you to Ülemiste.

The developers of Ülemiste City will continue to cooperate with the city of Tallinn to add a circular bus to the trajectory Majaka põik – Keevise st – Airport – Lõõtsa st – Majaka põik, so that passengers could smoothly get from buses and trams to Ülemiste City.

We also await suggestions on improving bus traffic from our community. Please share your experience with us and help make Ülemiste City more accessible. Answer the short questionnaire HERE.

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