Alma Tomingas office building received the LEED GOLD certificate

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The internationally known LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate recognizes buildings whose design, construction and use follow the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Alma Tomingas office building continues tradition on the campus of securing LEED certification for every new office building, ensuring a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building with careful design and construction process, taking into account special requirements. The main designer of the over 20,000 square meter house is the architecture office PLUSS, and the builders are the teams of Nordecon and NOBE.

“The Alma Tominga building is a new standard for a modern working environment, which could become a yardstick for future developments,” says PLUSS Chartered Architect Gunnar Kurusk, and Head of Project Management Mihkel Ehrpas added that “The formalization of the certification documentation for compliance with LEED requirements was labour-intensive, but it made me happy when it turned out that the planned solutions also turned out to be the right solutions in the context of LEED.”

“The construction of Alma Tominga’s green building opened up a great opportunity for us to create a modern office building where environmentally friendly solutions were prioritized. The goal of the LEED certificate was an impetus for us to think even more creatively about how to find more environmentally friendly solutions both in the preparation and execution of construction works and in the selection of materials,” said Priit Nigols, NOBE Construction Director.

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