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Ideology: Wisdom

Ülo Pärnits’s vision was to create a smart business city from Ülemiste City where talents could utilize their potential, grow, and thus succeed. 

Now, our smart city has turned into the biggest and fastest-growing smart business centres in the Baltics that prioritises its talents and is developed consciously and based on data in four main ways – knowledge, services, environment and community.

Cooperation is development

Knowledge and personal development is the basis for everything. We work in close cooperation with more than 20 universities from 9 different countries. Many projects are starting — from urban design, talent development up to creating a live lab.

For example, in cooperation with the biggest colleges in Estonia, we created a training platform called Training credit for our community that provides more than 150 different training courses for free, and thus we offer more than 6000 training course hours to our people.

Training credit

free of charge training courses per year
cooperating universities from 9 countries
of employees graduated from higher education
cooperation projects per year


In relation to fast development, the main challenges for all cities are urban design and mobility. How do you grow threefold so that the number of cars does not triple, and how do you create a green human-friendly environment where talents would feel comfortable, safe, supported and inspired?

In cooperation with TalTech, the city of Tallinn, Telia, and Ericsson, we created the professorship of the city of the future to tackle these challenges that have three main focuses: functional campus, mobile campus and smart urban economics.

“Cities are complex systems that encompass social, economic, cultural, architectural and other aspects. None of these elements can be viewed separately, they’re closely interrelated. We can see more and more digital technologies in the urban space that have a huge potential to solve the problems of cities and even improve the quality of life of citizens.”

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The professorship of the city of the future

HEALTH is the basis of a smart community

The health of our talents is most important to us. We focus increasingly more on the health behaviour of the 12,000 people on our campus and its conscious management. In cooperation with Tartu University, we are creating a unique model of a healthy city that promotes mental, physical and social development of talents. In the future, this solution can also be successfully used in other cities and campuses around the world.

data city moving successfully in a clear direction

Ülemiste City Radar

In cooperation with Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, we are developing the Ülemiste City Radar. This solution measures the success of the growth environment of Ülemiste City – contribution to the economy of the state, growth rate of the companies of this place, health, activity and well-being of the campus employees, the impact of the campus on the environment, the start-up community and cooperation in research development. The Radar is like the control device of our campus that we can use to evaluate in real-time if and how fast we are moving towards our development goals.

Ülemiste City Radar

Net Promoter Score NPS of customers
more people cycle to work than in Tallinn

uses public transport to come to work
of our community members has a doctor’s degree

live lab for bold ideas to take off

Our environment is like a live lab and perfect for testing new products and services – a micro-city model with 12,000 people from kindergarten children to retirement-aged talents working, living and living there. An integral infrastructure and selection of services – homes, educational institutions, buildings, road network and everything else.

All this to test and develop any kind of physical or digital world-changing idea or product before launching it on the market. For example, last year we tested the world’s first demand-based public transportation with self-driving buses.

Avasta talentidele mõeldud teenuseid

Ready to take off?

Ursel Velve

Chairwoman of  Mainor Ülemiste AS
Innovation Manager of Ülemiste City
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