HR Network

The only people who really understand you are the ones operating in the same field as you. Ülemiste City HR Network groups together all the personnel managers and specialists or employees of all the companies and organisations on the campus who deal with the development of company personnel on a daily basis. The network enables you different (in person or digital) opportunities to be connected to HR people irrespective of whether you want to find a solution to an HR problem or just share some thought about your work-day. You do not have to think of and do everything yourself and being surrounded by kindred spirits makes your work-life easier.

Advantages of a network member:

TOOLS – we offer tools and solutions to help you to be more successful in your everyday role (e.g. games, events and materials that support becoming adapted, co-hosting opportunities, Radar data, health behaviour model etc.).

NETWORK – we bring together people of the field who have HR knowledge and experience and from whom you can get support and learn the best techniques in personnel management.

EVENTS – we organise events to learn from the experience and best techniques of others and these are a good opportunity to meet and talk to other HR people.

The network includes for example Cleveron AS, Tele2 Eesti AS, Tallinn Airport, ABB AS, Topia OÜ, Playtech Estonia OÜ, Helmes AS, Ericsson Eesti AS, Securitas Eesti AS, Qvalitas Medical Centre, Nordea Estonia, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and others.