Ülo Pärnits Scholarship

How to build a city of the future? How to make Ülemiste City smarter?

The aim of the scholarship, established by Ülo Pärnits (the founder of Ülemiste City), is to promote lifelong learning and practical training and to support research related to the development of Ülemiste City as a smart city of the future.

We announce new themes for the seventh season of the Ülo Pärnits scholarship and invite students to contact us at an early stage of their research project. If you have an innovative and practical idea that will contribute to the future development of Ülemiste City, please contact us. It can be a Bachelor’s or a Master’s thesis. We, on behalf of the campus, will help to conceptualize and give substance to it and, where possible, support it with data and expertise.

Target Group: Partner universities and their students

Partner universities are: Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (Mainor), Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, University of Tartu, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (LT).


1) Environmental innovation in smart cities/cities of the future (developments in the green environment, energetics solutions in smart cities, construction innovation and its implementation, novel solutions that support health, novel technological solutions for developments in the green environment, etc.).
• Implementing innovative natural rainwater systems in Ülemiste City.
• Office or business building LCA and using recyclable materials or materials suitable for a circular economy in office design
• Use of solar glass window solutions in buildings along with effectiveness and cost benefit analysis in comparison with classical PV panels.

2) Solutions oriented towards B2B clients and sector development (inclusion of B2B clients, creating a suitable environment and services for them, analyses and comparisons of B2B opportunities and needs, economic analysis of the B2B sector, needs and advantages of inner-campus B2B’s, campus developer’s role in developing B2B’s, further opportunities for inter-company cooperation (e.g. lending/exchanging specialists, joint tenders, etc.).

3) Inclusion of the community and community-oriented solutions (impact of inclusion on various target groups, different solutions to inclusion in smart cities, impact of inclusion on client satisfaction and loyalty, company interests in inclusion and opportunities to contribute).

4) Implementing (big) data in developing campus and company business models (incl. mapping international data spaces, impact analysis, legal-technical analysis, etc., business development and wider cooperation solutions stemming from the functions of data spaces, creation and testing of new business models, measurement systems, metrics for business models and main processes, estimation of economic impacts (due to the campus’s external environment) to the campus and campus businesses/sectors, etc.).

The scholarship is supported by Kristosten OÜ, Mainor AS, Mainor Ülemiste AS, Technopolis Ülemiste AS, and Sentosa OÜ.

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Watch the introductory video of Ülo Pärnits scholarship here:

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