Walking meeting trail 

walking meeting trail

Hold your meeting outdoors, as walking meetings reduce stress levels and boost productivity. For working outdoors, choose the 1.8 km long walking meeting trail, marked with a green line, through Ülemiste City. Along the trail, you will find stands with information on health, as well as a number of attractions such as swings, hopscotch boxes, trampolines, etc., to make your meeting even more fun. The trail is also perfect for a break in the middle of a sedentary day. 

Why hold a meeting on the walking meeting trail? 

  • Fresh air and exercise are good for the brain and help reduce stress
  • Being in the sun helps to raise your body’s vitamin D levels 
  • Spending time outdoors in fine weather improves people’s mood 
  • The absence of computers and other distractions helps you concentrate better 
  • Walking is a good alternative to sitting at a desk and helps reduce back tensions
  • Possibility to borrow headphones so that everyone can hear the conversation of their colleagues, even in a large group

Recommendation!  To remember the walking meeting trail as a possible meeting venue, add it to the list of venues in your company’s meeting booking system (Outlook, Google, etc.). 


Walking meeting track

During a meeting or a walk, get your mind going by swinging, playing hopscotch, jumping on the trampoline or drawing on the board. Find the green line on the sidewalk and you can start walking on the sidewalk meeting path!

1 – health stand(s); 
2 – swings;
3 – hopscotch box; 
4 – trampoline;
5 –drawing board; 
6 – balance track;
7 – fitness equipment;
8 – outdoor chess;

Check out other outdoor work areas in Ülemiste City. 

HEALTH exhibition

In 2022, in cooperation with the University of Tartu and the Estonian Health Museum, a health-themed outdoor exhibition was opened along the walking meeting trail, with the aim of raising people’s awareness of their health and providing an opportunity to learn about ways to support it. The outdoor exhibition consists of eight stands, each focusing on a different health-related aspect, such as nutrition, sleep, mental health, time management, etc. The exhibition stands contain information in both Estonian and English. 

In 2022, Ülemiste City’s walking meeting trail with a health exhibition was awarded the title “Harjumaa Health Deed”. 

Recommendation! Book a guided health tour for a group of up to 32 people. During the tour, you will move along the walking meeting trail and explore the health exhibition.

headphone lending

To eliminate the distracting effects of street noise and to allow for a comfortable meeting with a larger group, all businesses on the campus can borrow headphones. There are 2 different solutions available: 

A tour 

One person talks and the rest listen.

Price list

Set of 16 for 2 hours

20€ + km

Set of 32 for 2 hours

40€ + km

A meeting

Each participant can turn on their microphone and join in the conversation. 

Price list

Set of 5 for 2 hours

20€ + km

Set of 10 dor 2 hours

40€ + km

To lend headphones or to get more information on headphone lending send an e-mail to reception@mainorulemiste.ee

guided health tour

Use the opportunity to go to a guided health themed tour on the walking meeting trail of Ülemiste City. During the tour qualified guides give practical tips how to take care of your health and also what kind of possibilities for that can be found in Ülemiste City.

  • It is possible to order the tour in Estonian, English, Spanish, Finnish and Russian.
  • The tour lasts about 45 minutes and the distance covered during that is about 1.8 km.
  • The guided tour costs 99 € + VAT. Included in the price are guide service and headphones for up to 32 people.

To order the guided tour or to get more information send an e-mail to reception@mainorulemiste.ee