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To accelerate your success, Ülemiste City and our partners offer you valuable knowledge and references to implement the test and get professional advice throughout the test process. Together we provide a range of customized services, networks and mentorships to support the testing phase and accelerate your route to market and to the subsequent financing rounds.

Success stories

How Fyma is used to transform the largest mixed use commercial real estate developments in Northern Europe

Ülemiste City partnered with Fyma to gain access to real-time, granular data on footfall and vehicle traffic to better gauge demand for office space and amenities as well as test the success of various initiatives and interventions (e.g. bike to work scheme, temporary road closures and so forth). Fyma’s computer vision AI solution tapped into existing security cameras spread across the office campus and answered the following questions:

→ How do visitors interact with the green spaces on campus?
→ How many bicycles, scooters, cars and trucks use the roads in and around the campus during the week and how does this change during the weekend?
→ Curbside management and illegal parking – establish baseline data.
→ Use of bus shelters and impact of road closures on this.

KONE and Ülemiste City developer Mainor Ülemiste completed an innovative trial on People Flow data with tangible benefits

Many people know that KONE has developed sensors to optimize user experience – how many times the lift has been already waiting as you arrive? Now, more, innovative sensors were installed in Ülemiste City in Estonia, the largest business campus in the Baltics. Combined with further data collected by KONE, this new insight was proven to increase cost efficiency, improve People Flow, and save energy—among other things.

There are many ways for innovations to happen, from the depths of R&D departments to accidental discoveries by scientists researching in a different area. Sometimes, it just needs the right moment at the right time: two people meeting for a chat and, while exchanging news, identifying a shared opportunity.

That's what happened when Mainor Ülemiste CEO Ursel Velve and KONE Baltics Regional Director Heli Koskinen sat down for lunch.

“We started talking about how both our companies are interested in experimenting with data to find new ways to utilize it and to differentiate in the real estate market,” Heli Koskinen says.

She says Mainor Ülemiste is one of KONE’s most innovative clients, always curious to experiment and find new customer value. Together, they came up with a fresh concept. Velve immediately saw its potential benefits and Koskinen resolved to present the idea to the right stakeholders at KONE.

That’s how it all started.

Activate Health

Ülemiste City Pilot Project

In order to analyse the health status of Ülemiste City employees, Activate Health, a health technology start-up company operating on the campus, carried out a unique project called Activate100 in cooperation with the University of Tartu, SYNLAB, and Ülemiste City companies.

A total of 100 people from Ülemiste City were included in the project. They underwent a comprehensive blood test, body composition analysis, blood pressure measurement, a 3-minute step test, and a special dynamometer arm grip strength test to determine their level of physical fitness.

Of the participants, 44% were under 29 years old, 44.1% were aged 30–44, 9.7% were aged 45–54 and the rest were aged 55+. An equal number of men and women were selected for the programme.

From challenge to opportunity

In Ülemiste City alone, until recently, an average of 200,000 disposable packages were used annually. The organic growth of the campus and the addition of new caterers would mean an ever-increasing volume of packaging waste. Due to this, Ülemiste City took on an ambitious goal in 2022 – to eliminate all disposable food and drink utensils from caterers.

Ringo, whose reusable food packaging has an average lifespan of 40–120 washes, was chosen as a cooperation partner. One Ringo food packaging life cycle equals an average of 80 disposable boxes. Thus, the footprint of a single-use package is, on average, four times higher than that of a Ringo reusable food container. One use of Ringo emits 10g CO2, cardboard food packaging 28g CO2 and PET plastic packaging 48g CO2.

In May 2022, Ringo's round table was organized, and facilitated by a neutral trainer, Kadi Kenk, CEO of Teeme Ära. During the round table, the necessity of repackaging and its sectoral regulations became evident. It was also discussed which prerequisites and conditions must be fulfilled for the service to function in all its aspects. The discussion followed a structure based on simplicity, motivation and awareness.

After the seminar, where the need for change was jointly understood, Ringo contacted specific caterers to find the most suitable solution.

Bicycle Paths Pilot Project

In collaboration with the researchers from the University of Tartu, studying the health behaviour and habits of the people of Ülemiste City, it has become clear that the people of the campus spend an average of 5-8 hours a day sitting. This is a high health risk as even an hour of exercise does not make it possible to eliminate the adverse effects of sitting.

In August and September 2022, in cooperation with the city of Tallinn, it was decided to change the traffic management of Ülemiste City and to facilitate traffic for cyclists, scooters and also pedestrians – again to create more opportunities on campus for those who enjoy different forms of movement and to motivate people to rethink their exercise. Within two months, Lõõtsa and Valukoja streets were partially modified one-way in consideration of the needs of commuters.

The project was completed as part of the inclusive city concept of Ülemiste City. Before and after the project, the people on the campus were interviewed to get valuable feedback about what kind of urban space they would like to experience and actively use. The other stakeholder of the project, the city of Tallinn, in turn, had the opportunity to see how data can be used t omake future development decisions in case of environmental interventions.

DPD Clevon's Robot Courier CLEVON 1 Becomes Inaugural Tester of Ülemiste Test City

The vision of Ülemiste City is to become car-free. "Our wish is to redistribute the urban space in such a way that all modes of movement can be used with high quality," said Ursel Velve, Chief Innovation Officer of Ülemiste City . "The purpose of pilot projects and tests is to understand how such logistics solutions can be integrated into a green urban environment."

DPD used Clevon's robot courier CLEVON 1 that delivered parcels in Ülemiste City from September to December 2022, i.e. three months. The robot courier covered almost 900 kilometers during this time and served 120 customers.

The testing had to answer several questions:
→ Which activities does the use of an autonomous robot courier require from the sender of the goods and which from the courier company?
→ Is it necessary to change consumer behavior?
→ How will both business and private customers accept the service?
→ How suitable is the campus infrastructure for this and could a robot courier be a suitable way to deliver packages in a business campus?

From Community Support to Value Proposition

Migrevention joined the Health Founders digital health accelerator in the fall of 2020 and continues to operate in the Lurich building at Ülemiste City. Conscious and purposeful activity has placed Migrevention at the heart of the Ülemiste City community. In addition to a supportive environment for business growth, Ülemiste City provides a crucial contact and support network for starting a digital health venture, enabling the application of essential knowledge from both the end-user and healthcare service provider perspectives.

The first valuable collaboration with the community dates back to the early stages of Migrevention's journey, during the development phase of the product prototype. After confirming that the concept of a digital headache clinic offers significant value to all stakeholders, including patients and healthcare providers, they refined expectations, needs, and preferences with healthcare service providers. Through feedback interviews conducted with GP and nurses at Ülemiste Health Center, valuable input was gathered, shaping the functionalities of today's first-generation digital headache clinic product.

Coming soon



Join our innovation challenge focused on leveraging smart city technologies and data-driven solutions to address health-related issues in urban environments and hybrid workplaces.

We welcome innovators to test and refine impactful solutions that enhance the health and overall quality of life for urban residents. This invitation is in line with Ülemiste City's research-based Health model, which includes a growing network of medical centers, the Health Founders accelerator, valuable data streams, and a vibrant community of 16,000 talents in Ülemiste City.


Join us in testing and developing innovative solutions for sustainable and green Smart Cities. This challenge utilizes technology, creativity, and collaboration to address the need for environmentally friendly urban development.

We welcome innovators to test and refine impactful and practical green solutions in a transforming business and residential environment. This invitation is in line with Ülemiste City’s Green Strategy, which includes sustainable real-estate development, creation of green areas and biodiversity, reduction of CO2 footprint, smart energy management, and sustainable mobility planning.


Join our smart mobility and infrastructure challenge to improve urban transportation and shape the future of Smart Cities.

We welcome innovators to test and refine smart mobility solutions in our privately owned 30ha urban infrastructure and in a community of 16 000 talents. This invitation is in line with Ülemiste City’s smart mobility initiative, which includes improvements in light-mobility infrastructure, electric vehicles adoption, smart traffic and parking management, use of autonomous vehicles in our urban environment, and active community engagement.

Open Call

Join our Smart City urban transformation Open Call to revolutionize cities with advanced technologies and visionary ideas that extend beyond our focused themes.

We welcome innovators to test and develop smart solutions and novel service models in Ülemiste City’s community of 500 companies and 16 000 talents together with a wide network of partners from academia and the public-private sectors. This invitation is in line with Ülemiste City’s Future City concept and our strategic development goals, including digitalisation and data-driven solutions; talent services and education; community engagement and empowerment; 24/7 urban environment and city vitality; smart economy and innovation ecosystem; B2B and B2C services; and Smart City governance and management practices.

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