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From Community Support to Value Proposition

Migrevention joined the Health Founders digital health accelerator in the fall of 2020 and continues to operate in the Lurich building at Ülemiste City. Conscious and purposeful activity has placed Migrevention at the heart of the Ülemiste City community. In addition to a supportive environment for business growth, Ülemiste City provides a crucial contact and support network for starting a digital health venture, enabling the application of essential knowledge from both the end-user and healthcare service provider perspectives.

The first valuable collaboration with the community dates back to the early stages of Migrevention’s journey, during the development phase of the product prototype. After confirming that the concept of a digital headache clinic offers significant value to all stakeholders, including patients and healthcare providers, they refined expectations, needs, and preferences with healthcare service providers. Through feedback interviews conducted with GP and nurses at Ülemiste Health Center, valuable input was gathered, shaping the functionalities of today’s first-generation digital headache clinic product.

Additionally, the first headache survey provided information about people’s needs, distributed among the people of Ülemiste City. This survey revealed that more than 90% of Ülemiste City community experience headaches occasionally, with the majority having headaches 1-9 days per month. At that point, the majority attempted to manage their headaches on their own and had not sought the help of a specialist.

Similar opportunities for adjusting and fine-tuning product functionalities were utilized throughout the development cycle. Moreover, Migrevention is experienced enough to assist and encourage newer players, especially within the Health Founders framework. The Ülemiste City community is characterized by a strong sense of unity, and there is always openness to consultation or simply bouncing ideas around.

Scalable Healthcare Service

Collaboration with Ülemiste City employers and Ülemiste Health Center helps identify the needs of the international market. Ülemiste City undoubtedly represents the most diverse population, reflected in the composition of patients. Nearly half of primary care patients are not speakers of Estonian or Russian and represent a wide geographical spectrum. This undoubtedly requires a different approach for GPs and nurses, as needs and expectations vary based on cultural backgrounds.

In this context, requirements for digital health solutions and their functionalities may differ from what is relevant in other parts of Estonia but may be of critical importance elsewhere in the world.

Significant Growth

Initially consisting of 4 co-founders juggling various responsibilities and essential areas, the Migrevention team has now grown to 9 members. In addition, the entire product development has been entrusted to an external service provider, providing additional flexibility in capacity planning.

Today, Migrevention’s digital headache diary application is used by over 7,000 people from 100 countries who have recorded more than 42,000 headache episodes. As raising awareness about headaches is one of Migrevention’s goals, over 20 seminars on various headache-related topics have been organized for different target groups.

A science-based approach has been Migrevention’s unwavering belief from the beginning, making it a manufacturer of software-based medical devices. This has become one of the most significant advantages over nearby competitors, who are predominantly health app providers. Migrevention’s high level of scientific evidence and user-friendliness allows its solution to be used in the medical system. Migrevention is proud of its collaboration with Pealinna Perearstikeskus, located in Ülemiste Health Center, which has taken a dedicated approach to monitoring its patients’ headaches and uses Migrevention’s digital headache clinic solution for this purpose.

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