Outdoor working areas


Invigorate your senses while working to the sound of birds and fresh air or inspire your colleagues and guests in a representative outdoor working area!

Ülemiste City has outdoor work areas for up to a hundred people for comfortable meetings, conferences, meetups, or to enjoy the weather and lunch. The areas created for this purpose are equipped with electricity and furniture to work outside as comfortably.

Ülemiste City has 9 outdoor work areas: Valukoja Park, Health Center Terrace, Lurich Courtyard, Lurich Terrace, Öpiku building front area, Schmidt backyard, Viktor Square, Lõõtsa Park and the Courtyard of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

If you see that the outdoor areas are free, use them with confidence, but if you’d like to plan your meetings, book your desired place ahead to ensure it’s available.

Keskkond Lõõtsa park

Lõõtsa park

It is for you if you are looking for a green location by the water. Lõõtsa park has about 20 deck chairs and 20 chairs to enjoy lunch or have meetings, a lawn area for quick yoga breaks, or to enjoy the weather.

Öpik building area

A modern pedestrian street was completed in 2018, with landscaping, bicycle parking, electrical outlets and seating areas between offices and restaurants. Here you will find about 12 seats to work outside comfortably, have meetings or eat takeaway lunch from nearby restaurants.

Lurich Courtyard

Lurich’s courtyard was completed in the summer of 2020 with the Residence and office building. You will find 4 tables and 14 chairs from the quiet courtyard where you can enjoy lunch, gather good thoughts and hold smaller meetings.

Lurich Terrace

The Lurich terrace was completed in the summer of 2020 and was fully furnished by the summer of 2021. On the terrace, you can have lunch, enjoy the sun and hold meetings. Up to twelve people can sit behind one table. In addition, there are pergolas, separate areas equipped with upholstered furniture or meeting tables for six people.

Valukoja Park

There is a pergola with a meeting table with swings for 6 people in the Valukoja Park with a terrace nearby, which can accommodate up to 16 people for work or lunch. Workplaces are equipped with electricity. In the park, you will also find five hammocks close enough to each other to hold 1:1 meetings.

Health Center Terrace

The terrace, furnished in 2020, is a perfect place to hold meetings, have smaller birthdays, or enjoy summery workdays. You’ll find up to 24 workplaces from the terrace of the Health Centre. 

Viktor Square

Victor Square, completed in the summer of 2020, connects Viktor Palm Building with the following Viktor buildings and public space. In addition to 20 seats, you’ll find many stairs, where it is nice to enjoy the weather, lunch or hold meetings in a free form.

Schmidt Building Yard

Behind and next to the Schmidt building, which was completed in 2015, there is a pond and a yard equipped with tables and chairs that can seat 24 people behind four tables.

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Courtyard

In 2021, we installed a modern meeting table suitable for 6 people with swings where even the most volatile ideas could be born. The table is specifically located next to the entrance of Nuudel Ülemiste restaurant.