Ülemiste City Community Fund helps bring community ideas to life

Let’s think, invest, and develop together to make Ülemiste City the best place to study, live, and work for the whole community. A community fund – with contributions from both developers and businesses in the campus – will give talented people a chance to have their say, decide which projects are the most important, and add the most value.

40 000

collected in the Community Fund

17 000

talents in the community


companies in the community

Why are we doing this?

  • Inclusion. Ülemiste City is a smart city of the future, with community as one of its pillars. We want to create more dialogue between members of the community – the campus developer, companies, and talent – and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Competitiveness. Ülemiste City’s mission is to be an attractive knowledge-based working, development, and living environment with international reach. The developers and the community of the campus are committed to creating and continuously developing an attractive and talent-centred working environment.
  • Contribution. The developers of the campus have made significant annual investments in designing the environment and supporting the community. We want the community, for whom the campus is being developed, to contribute both substantially and financially.
  • Joint decisions. The Community Fund is a tool based on crowdfunding, which gives companies the opportunity to have a say in the development trends of Ülemiste City. We want community members to be better informed about what is being offered to them and to contribute more actively. With the support of the fund, joint developments will be carried forward together, faster, and more efficiently.
  • From idea to reality. Community members are welcome to offer their ideas and apply for funding from the Community Fund for their project, which could benefit the whole of Ülemiste City.

How does the Community Fund work?

  • Each company contributes to the fund in an amount that is formed based on the number of employees.
  • Campus developers contribute to the Community Fund together with companies and guarantee transparency in the use of the fund.
  • The fund finances new ideas that the community considers necessary for itself and that are in line with the values and focus areas of Ülemiste City.
  • Community members can submit their ideas as part of an inclusive budget. Ideas that are funded by the Community Fund are selected by voting.
  • The interests of companies and developers on campus in the distribution of Community Fund resources are represented by a separate board of 9 members, including 5 business representatives. The board meets twice a year.
  • Decisions that are funded by the Community Fund are made on a yearly basis.

Campus companies

Campus developers

Financing of community projects


Community Fund

Developers input


Representative of
5 campus companies

Advisory Board

Representatives of
campus developers

Use of fund

Opportunity to participate in the implementation

• Services
• Development of the environment
• Community events

Offering ideas, voting, opportunity to participate in the implementation

• Bringing community
ideas to life
• Charity

Project management

Kogukonnafondist saadav kasu

  • Companies can have a say in the development of the community and campus
  • Campus developers learn more about customer needs and preferences
  • By contributing financially to the development of the community, it is possible to do more and faster
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the campus (lower staff turnover, easier recruitment, more visitors)
  • More supportive services

Participatory budgeting

The winning idea of participatory budgeting: vertical greenery walls to Ülemiste City.

Within the framework of the Ülemiste City community fund, an inclusive budget idea collection took place from January to March, where 33 ideas were submitted for voting, including urban development, environment and sustainability, events, entertainment, and mobility.

The winning idea is to create vertical greenery walls to Ülemiste City, to make the urban space even more greener and beautiful. The initiative gathered 157 votes. The idea of ​​vertical greenery walls was followed by the proposal to establish a campus community garden, which received 129 votes, and the idea to create even more outdoor workplaces with tables and charging facilities.


Idea Collection


Analysis of ideas




Implementation of the Winning Project
during 2024

Events and services for
Ülemiste City community

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
Studies in professional higher education
Master’s studies

Applied research, scientific cooperation
Open University
Pop-up curricula

Series of seminars From University to Business
Day of guest lectures
Research conference
Involving practitioners and cases in studies

International School of Tallinn (IST)
Pre-school and primary school
Basic school
Secondary school
Extended-day group
Hobby groups

Educational credit
Mediation of trainees
Job shadowing days
Road trip to Ülemiste
EduFEST training bits festival

Health exhibition
Health management app Activate Health, competitions in Ülemiste City
Outdoor trainings during Health Month
Health-related seminars
Health conference (held over a year)
Health insurance (in cooperation with IF Kindlustus)

RADAR Economic Data Survey
Test City

HR network
Marketing network

Green City basic service
Walking trail for meetings
Bike to work (bike parking, showers, bike maintenance points)
Outdoor workplaces and courtyards

Adding offers to the B2B offers platform
Adding events to the campus events calendar
Advertising on screens*

Future Forum conference
Community Day
ÜC Business Speed Date
Series of seminars ‘What’s new in Future City Science’
Business Breakfast
Meet&Greet (2 events in cooperation with Ülemiste City)
Celebration of anniversaries (Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, Republic Anniversary Ceremony, etc.)
Business Triathlon
Table tennis tournament
Staircase run
Beach Volley Ball

Attractions in lobbies and courtyards
Terrace rental

Community house concept
New networks planned for the community centre (sports club, use of the gym, etc.)
Public areas for children and sports
Loyalty programme

Council of the Community Fond

Anne-Mai Elbrecht


Leho Luukas

Frank Events

Pille Tamm-Ghaisi

United Talents

Jelena Trumm


Anneli Villenthal

Maksu- ja Tolliamet

Sten Pärnits

Mainor Ülemiste

Tanel Olek

Mainor Ülemiste

Triin Ploompuu

Mainor Ülemiste

Kristjan Mikk



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