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In Ülemiste City, two strategically important developments for the community are being built simultaneously and almost side by side – the new Health Center and the Ülemiste Educational Quarter. The second Health Center will be opened in the second half of the summer, and the Educational Complex will at the beginning of 2025, i.e. in a year.

Unfortunately, such large-scale construction activities are accompanied by changes in traffic arrangements, which we would like to announce in good time.

What kind of changes will take place?

  • We have closed Valukoja Street from Valukoja 12 to the intersection of Ääsi street for approximately three months. Because of that, the location of the Valukoja bus stop will also temporarily change – follow the new traffic signs!

Check out the detailed maps: general map, traffic diversion and bus diversion.

  • The demolition of the Sepapaja 10/Sepapaja 12 buildings has already begun, which will not lead to any change in traffic management.
  • As of February 1, due to the closure of the main parking lot, the parking arrangements have been changed. Customers of Tervisemaja can park in front of Tervisemaja in a smaller parking lot or in a large parking lot further. We also ensure a passage from the large parking lot to the campus between the Tervisemaja and Educational Quarter construction sites. See in the illustration how parking and pedestrian crossings are organized.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for helping to co-create a better Ülemiste City.

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