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We would like to inform you about two changes that will take place in the campus in the coming months. Namely, the parking arrangement of Ülemiste City will be renewed in May, which will lead to more flexible and smoother use of parking areas with new parking spaces.

The real estate management software Service Now used by companies will also change to Hausing.

Changes in the parking arrangement of Ülemiste City

In order to ensure greater flexibility and smoother traffic management for the people of Ülemiste, we are harmonizing and improving the use of parking houses and outer parking areas.

As of 01.05.24, the parking arrangements in outdoor parking lots and in parking houses will change as follows:

In the parking garages (A, L, H), the boom barriers will be removed, and the presence of a parking permit will be checked based on the vehicle’s registration number using number recognition cameras. The parking solution in parking house F will remain the same;

The zone of all parking garages (A, L, H, F) will be EP335;

All people in Ülemiste City who have a parking permit in the parking house can use all the parking garages in the campus;

The large outer parking areas (B, D, E, K) will be all zoned to EP90. Thus, zone EP333 in parking lots D and E will be replaced by EP90;

All people in the campus who have a parking permit in the EP90 or EP333 zone can use all the large outdoor parking lots in the campus;

1 hour of free parking in parking houses will remain valid. You can still park in outdoor areas for 2 free hours;

Price lists for short-term mobile parking and parking permits will be changing:

Short-term parking in outdoor areas

30 minutes 1€→1.5 €

24h €5→ €7

Short-term parking in parking houses

30 min €1→ €2

24h €13→ €17

Parking permit in parking houses

€55→ €60

Parking permit in the garage (below the Alma and Öpik office buildings)

€89→ €100

Parking permit in outdoor parking lots (in older agreements)

€35→ €40

Previous lease agreements regarding parking spaces remain in effect and there are no changes to them. We adhere to the contractual notice period regarding the change in the price list, which in this case means the implementation of the price list changes on 01.06.24. If you need clarifications in this regard, you can write the question to this email or contact an existing customer contact.

The mentioned changes will be implemented by our parking partner Europark, who will contact all customers during April to provide detailed information and ensure the smoothest possible transition to the new parking arrangement. Instead of the previous several different IT-environments, all parking permits can soon be managed in the Europark management program Partner, where Europark will help all customers create an account and issue parking permits.

The improvement of parking solutions and opportunities will continue until the end of the summer, during which screens confirming valid parking permits upon entering will be added to the parking houses, as well as additional solutions for collecting better parking statistics. In addition, as part of the construction of Health Centre 2, a large renovation of outdoor parking lots D and E will be completed, which will bring new parking spaces with greenery and greater flexibility for car users in Ülemiste City.

We will solve all questions and problems that arise during the transition to the new system as soon as possible and taking into account customer feedback.

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