Adaptation Service

The adaptation service entails everything of prime necessity for a new employee of the campus get smoothly settled. The adaptation service creates opportunities for the locals and international talents to get all the necessary information concerning working, living and growth and blend into the community faster.

The adaptation service (so-called soft-landing service) includes introducing the most necessary services (eateries, transportation, daycare and other day-to-day functions, health, education and so on) and different events to a new employee. For that, we will give you the materials shown below.

Interesting factsÜlemiste City in numbers

The fifth largest city in Estonia based on economic performance
2,2 billion
total turnover of the campus
17 000 talents
500 companies
73 different nationalities
76% of the employees on campus have graduated from higher education
50% of Ülemiste City companies are cooperating with colleges and research institutions
4 times higher proportion of LEED office buildings compared to the figures of Estonia and Tallinn (in Ülemiste City 87,4%, in Tallinn 20%)
Nearly 1,5 times higher salary compared to the Estonian average salary

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Ülemiste City studiesInteresting facts

83% of the talents of Ülemiste City are satisfied with the services of the campus and 81% with its accessibility, which exceeds available comparing data with Tallinn.

Satisfaction with the environment of Ülemiste City is high among the representatives of ÜC companies (Net Promoter Score 74%), employees (64%)foreign employees (66%) and students (67%).

Ülemiste City companies evolve faster than those anywhere else and the number of new jobs increases nearly 6% per year.

The impact of the COVID wave in spring on Ülemiste City companies was smaller than in Estonia on average. That concerns mostly reductions and making payment cuts.

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TransportCome by tram, bus, train, bicycle, car, or plane

Tram:     no 4
Buses:     no 7, 15, 49, 64, 65
Train:       east and south-east lines
Bicycle:   there are several bicycle parking lots on the campus and lockers washing opportunities available if necessary
Plane:      the airport is a few minutes away

If the weather is nice, you can hire a scooter to get to work!

Public transport stopsBicycle parking lotsCar parks

Food and drinksAmple menus and different flavours

There are many different eateries in Ülemiste City offering diverse food starting from authentic Asian, Thailand and Italian kitchens and finishing with classical Estonian homemade dishes.

All our restaurants and eateries are just a 3-4 minute walking distance away!

Food and drinksDaily specials

Health, beauty and fitnessTo keep and care for your health

In Ülemiste Health Centre that is just a few steps away, there are family physicians and specialists, physiotherapy, BENU Pharmacy, Babysport and a lot more.

There are a lot of sporting opportunities on the campus: Beach House as one of the largest beach volleyball fields in the Baltic states, Ülemiste ball hall, Jeti Ice Rink and MyFitness with a pool.

The best beauty salons on the campus are taking care of your beauty.

See our beauty, health and fitness services

AccommodationCome for a day, a week or a year!

In Lurich Building, there are one-, two- and three-room smart apartments available that have been completely automated as is characteristic of a smart city (from booking and moving in to ordering food, a taxi or elevator). The apartments have all the necessary furniture and a fully equipment kitchen. You are welcomed with kids and pets.

Ülemiste City Residences

Haridus; EEK

EducationDiverse education at every age

Ülemiste campus offers education on every level: higher education for grownups, lifelong education to broaden your horizon and specific follow-up training courses to everyone thirsty for knowledge, passionately curious, or those forever young. Basic and secondary education for children and young people and a kindergarten and preschool for little kids.

Educational institutions on the campus: Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, International School of Tallinn, Emili School, Kalli-Kalli Kindergarten.


ChildrenThe best conditions for little kids

In Ülemiste City, children are always cared for, no matter how busy or unpredictable your meeting or training schedules can be. Our childcare services and preschool offers activities and development opportunities for children of all ages!

International IB pre-school and kindergarten (children ages 3-6)Hobby groupsEmili SchoolKalli-Kalli KindergartenBabysport

Training CreditMore than 200 free of charge training courses for Ülemiste City talents

As a smart city, we make sure that every talent is safe and developing, and we offer quality opportunities to expand knowledge and grow.

With the Training Credit program, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University, TalTech, and Tartu University introduce their fields from programming to psychology.

Chose a suitable training course!

Experts in collegesPass on your wisdom as an expert, mentor or professor

Want to share your knowledge and contribute to the next generations? Pass on your wisdom as an expert, supervisor, mentor, or lecturer.

Let us know that you want to participate

International houseHelping foreign talents to get adapted and arrange matters

From International House, you can get information concerning working and living in Estonia as a foreign talent.

You can apply for a residence permit, short-term work permit, personal identification number, register your place of residence and receive information concerning daycare and education opportunities.

Additionally, seminars and language cafes related to internationalisation and different adaptation and networking events to find professional contacts are offered.

See more

EventsIt doesn't end with work

A lot of exciting things are happening in our community - concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, parties, hacks, seminars, live shows, different workshops, and a lot more.

Nearly 150 per year!


Looking into the futureYou care about the future? We do too!

We are constantly developing the physical, mental, green, and healthy environment of Ülemiste campus.

See more about our developments:

New education complexSmart city
Green cityHealthy Ülemiste

Good to knowUseful and practical

We have on the campus: Sol Laundry & Dry-cleaning, car wash and body shop, Selver grocery store, SEB ATM, Omniva parcel machine, and a lot more.


And our good neighbours:

Ülemiste CentreTallinn Airport

Congratulations! You have arrived at our campus!

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