Adaptation Service

The adaptation service of Ülemiste City entails everything of prime necessity for a company and its employees to get smoothly settled on the campus. The adaptation service creates opportunities for the locals and international talents (that is your employees) to get all the necessary information concerning working, living and growth and blend into the community faster.

The adaptation service (so-called soft-landing service) includes, for example, the introduction of Ülemiste City (incl. history and future, the campus in numbers), services on the campus (eateries, transportation, daycare and other day-to-day functions, health, education and so on) and events. For that, we will organise an adaptation event with a game introducing the campus for your employees and give you all the necessary materials. In the course of the game, the players can move around and see interesting places and services offered.

Ülemiste City in numbersNumbers talk

The fifth largest city in Estonia based on economic performance
1,8 billion total turnover of the campus
13 000 talents, 500 companies
73 different nationalities
67% of the employees on campus have graduated from higher education
50% of ÜC companies are cooperating with colleges and research institutions
4 times higher proportion of LEED office buildings compared to the figures of Estonia and Tallinn (in Ülemiste City 87,4%, in Tallinn 20%)
Nearly 1,5 times higher salary compared to the Estonian average salary

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Ülemiste City studiesInteresting facts

83% of the talents of Ülemiste Cit are satisfied with the services of the campus and 81% with its accessibility, which exceeds available comparing data with Tallinn.

Satisfaction with the environment of Ülemiste City is high among the representatives of ÜC companies (Net Promoter Score 74%), employees (64%), foreign employees (66%) and students (67%).

Ülemiste City companies evolve faster than those anywhere else and the number of new jobs increases nearly 6% per year.

The impact of the COVID wave in spring on Ülemiste City companies was smaller than in Estonia on average. That concerns mostly reductions and making payment cuts.

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HR NetworkSo talents could succeed

Join Ülemiste City’s HR network of personnel managers and specialists and people dealing with personnel administration on a daily basis on the campus.

For your company and employees to get settled in more easily we have put together an adaptation service!

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Cooperation with collegesA way for young talents and experienced experts to use their skills

We cooperate with Estonian and foreign colleges on different levels to send talents there.

We send students to internships and summer jobsWe bring students to meet your companyWe involve the experts in your company in education and research, evaluating commissions study groups

Training CreditMore than 200 free of charge training courses for Ülemiste City talents

We have created a training credit program that brings together the companies of Ülemiste City and the biggest colleges in Estonia. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University, TalTech, and Tartu University participate in the program, offering training courses from programming to psychology.

Training Credit makes self-development for company employees easy and accessible and helps to substantially increase cooperation between companies and colleges in the field of research, consultation, joint projects etc.

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International HouseForeign talents and their partners are welcome

International House of Estonia is a service centre meant for foreign students and their families, employers hiring foreign specialists and people turning back to Estonia.

Information and consultation concerning getting settled in Estonia more easily are offered from Tuesday to Thursday by consultants of the Police and Border Guard Board, Tallinn city (registry office and enterprise department), Integration Foundation, unemployment office and EAS (Work in Estonia).

International House of Estonia

Ülemiste Health CentreAll health services from one place

With more than 250 specialists, Ülemiste Health Centre guarantees that all necessary health services are available in one place.

For example occupational health care, family physicians speaking 6 different languages, dentists, physiotherapy, Qvalitas, Babysport, BENU Pharmacy, functional diagnostics (X-ray and ultrasound), rehabilitation, and different analyses and health examinations.

Ülemiste Health Centre

Ülemiste City RadarAn opportunity to measure and improve the environment

Ülemiste City Radar enables to get feedback on how the campus and companies on the campus are doing using 5 subject fields and more than 50 parameters. It enables you to use different results of campus-based (economic) research to your company's advantage

Ülemiste City Radar creates opportunities to participate in campus studies and testing innovation that help to make our environment stronger and healthier.

Results of measuringParticipate in studies

International relationsThe best host to your guests

We offer your foreign guests or employees accommodation for one night, a week or even a year and in the centre of the campus in Lurich Building that was awarded the best development project title in 2020.

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International relationsWe introduce our e-story to your guests

We introduce to your foreign guests the success story of e-Estonia, e-solutions, ICT sector and innovation, achievements, and cooperation opportunites in e-Estonia Briefing Centre established by EAS.

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Conference and meeting roomsWorld-class conditions for succesful meetings

There are two conference centres on the campus: Zapp and Öpik and UMA co-working space. In the inspiring environment of the world-class seminar and meeting rooms of Zapp and Öpik conference centre, all technical conditions have been met to have successful meetings, trainings etc. Coffee breaks and catering is offered if necessary.

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Ads on the campusYour services and products won't be unnoticed!

Add your company to our web services map! For that, you have to create a user on our web, log in and add your company data according to instructions.Create a user

Make your services or products known on the screens of our buildings.
Your ad on Campus Screens

NB! New service provides on the campus get 2 first weeks of advertising for free!

Ads on the campusLet's do something great together!

Opportunity to co-host campus events!

If you are planning on inviting top experts or an exciting speaker from Estonia or abroad to your company, let us also know. By co-hosting we can find a wider audience to the speaker (e.g. event ad via Ülemiste City channels, open lecture and seminars).

See the campus events and let us know about your idea