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Ülemiste City Radar

The economy of Ülemiste City as a smart business campus has been studied consistently since 2014. Every year we get a survey on the production and service volume, added value and main fields of activity of companies on the campus. Additionally, it gives an evaluation about in which branch of economy the impact of Ülemiste City on the Estonian economic environment is the highest in terms of taxes, export and salaries, and it describes the main trends of economic activities in Ülemiste City.

A new development is an additional survey called the Ülemiste City Radar. In addition to the economic indicators, it enables to evaluate the environment of Ülemiste City and its community as a whole, including services offered on the campus and the capability to grow. It gives a profound review of all other important factors in the development environment, such as the environment, services, knowledge and community. The strategic goal of Ülemiste City is to create an environment for the talents to succeed that is versatile, green and enables fast growth, be part of an international logistics junction and move towards offering services 24/7 on the campus.

For the talents to bloom they need inspiring surroundings that offer necessary services, opportunities for personal development and cooperation projects, but also entertainment and a green city space to really feel good.

The Radar consists of five categories and 40 variables that help to understand the environment better and draw conclusions about that.

Developing a model gives a chance for this “tool” to be used by all other cities and campuses around the world to evaluate and develop the attractiveness, sustainability and human-friendliness of its environment. The Radar helps to envision a city of the future and actually make it real.

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