Future City Professorship

In 2019, the professorship of the City of the Future born in cooperation with TalTech, Mainor AS, Technopolis Ülemiste AS, Mainor Ülemiste AS, the city of Tallinn, Ericsson Eesti AS and Telia Eesti AS was ceremonially opened at Ülemiste campus. The goal of the professorship of the City of the Future is to research the urban environment, develop and create new data-based solutions to make it work better. Surveys of the professorship concerning the present-day city, urban environment and local talent create the capability to develop new tools and planning methods to contribute to growing a viable, revolving and quality urban environment. Topics researched in the professorship are mobility (accessibility, traffic, movement), urban space (buildings, functionality) and urban economics (talents, efficiency).

Future City professorship goals: HERE

You can read the articles written by the professorship here:

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