Harjumaa Health Act of the Year 2022: Ülemiste City’s outdoor working area, walking meeting track and health-themed outdoor exhibition

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Since 2019, the Association of Municipalities of Harjumaa and the Health Council of Harjumaa have recognized every year the enterprise, building or space of one organization that helps raise health awareness and improves the well-being of mental and physical health. This year, Ülemiste City was recognized for it’s outdoor working area, walking meeting track and health-themed outdoor exhibition.

Ülemiste City has consistently invested in the design of the environment over several years to encourage the active movement of people in the town and outdoor work. In cooperation with the Estonian Health Care Museum, in addition to the year-round meeting trail, a health-themed outdoor exhibition was opened in 2022, which aims to raise people’s awareness of their health and offer the opportunity to acquire knowledge on ways to support health. The outdoor exhibition runs along the walking meeting track and consists of six stands, each focusing on different health components, such as mental, physical and social health.

There are 10 outdoor working areas in Ülemiste City: walking meeting track, Valukoja park, Tervisemaja terrace, Lurich courtyard, Lurich terrace, Öpiku front, Schmidt courtyard, Viktori square, Ülemiste City park and Mainori courtyard of the University of Entrepreneurship.

Ülemiste City has developed its health model in cooperation with the University of Tartu. The community has actively involved various institutions and employees in the co-creation process and joint events in encouraging physical activity and social interaction and strengthening the feeling of a (working) community. All such activities help employees maintain their physical and mental health balance.

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