Marketing network

Ülemiste City’s marketing network brings together marketing and communication specialists and enthusiasts from the companies on our campus who take care of the well-being of their talents. The network allows you to be more in touch with our environment and everything that happens here.
The marketing network aims to improve our campus’s internal communication, create new forms of cooperation between companies, share exciting developments and news in the field, and cooperate with each other to develop the best talent environment in the world of our campus.
Advantages of a network member:

TOOLS — we offer a variety of solutions, support and materials to help your business and talents succeed and get the most out of our campus.

NETWORK – we bring together people in the field of marketing with different knowledge and experience to gain support and inspiration and learn best practices in marketing.

EVENTS – we organize free-form events to meet and interact with network members and gather inspiration and knowledge from each other and from experts out of our campus.

Some companies that have already joined our network are BreakWater Technology, Helmes, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Nortal, Nordea Eesti, Primend, Playtech Estonia, Promoty, IF Kindlustus, ABB, Eurora, Tallinn Airport, Fontes, FleetComplete, Thermory, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Cleveron and Sweco.