Ülo Pärnits Scholarship

How to build a city of the future? How to make Ülemiste City smarter?

The goal of Ülo Pärnits scholarship, the founder of Ülemiste City, is to promote lifelong and practical education and to support research concerning the development of Ülemiste City as the city of the future.

Vital topics:

  1. “New knowledge deriving from the big data on Ülemiste City campus”.
  2. “Mobility Service – challenges and solutions in Ülemiste City”.
  3. “Construction innovation – new opportunities of the city of the future in construction”.

Further information about the topics and competition is found in the HERE section.

Scholarship partner colleges: TalTech, Tartu University, Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn Health Care College, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

Scholarship contributors are Mainor AS, Kristosten OÜ, Mainor Ülemiste AS and Technopolis Ülemiste AS.

Dear company representative, contact us if you want to support the development of the city of the future through your company and become a financial contributor to the Ülo Pärnits scholarship.

Let us know HERE.

Details for a cash transfer:

Receiver: Teadlik Valik SA
SEB pank EE061010220050524018
Explanation: “Ülo Pärnitsa stipendium”

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