Ülemiste Health Centre

In Ülemiste Health Centre, 24 companies attend to campus employees and visitors – there are all kinds of services here from supporting the development of babies and toddlers to medical labs.

The number of patients of the 17 family physicians in Ülemiste Health Centre is nearly 25 000. The private medical clinic Qvalitas is focused on occupational health care, offering help in the mental health field in cooperation with Meeletervis, dentistry services with Unimed and there is also an optical lab-optical shop.

In the building that was named after Karl Papello, the inventor of several optical and medical inventions, you can also find Medemis that offers beauty and skin treatment procedures, an ocular centre, therapy clinic, Benu pharmacy, Medipood shop, and Kesklinna Psühhiaatriakliinik, also a flower shop and cafe. Alongside private companies, doctors and orthopedists of Tartu University rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinic start their practice and the medical commission of the Defence Resources Agency and the NEMC Blood centre work there.


    Ülemiste Tervisemaja, Valukoja 7



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