Healthy Ülemiste

Ülemiste campus is turning into an environment that has a development and health-friendly public space and workspaces for people designed based on evidence. This is where exercising, self-management and social communication necessary for working and studying abilities are achieved in small smart “bites”. Here, we support a balanced working and free time, mental health hygiene, good social relations, smooth labour division, human-centred management methods, and effective self-regulation of people. Although people form their behaviour autonomously, the campus provides a so-called safety network: it monitors and grounds factors that trigger unhealthy impulses, such as rooms that hinder focusing, the norm to do overtime, intolerance or discrimination. On the other hand, there are services available on the campus that support mental and general health (from mobile apps to psychological counselling) that help to change habits.

In cooperation with Tartu University and other partners, we are moving towards creating a campus that supports healthy behaviour.

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