Ülemiste City switches the entire campus to green energy

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Today, on Ülemiste City Community Day, Margus Nõlvak, the CEO of Mainor Ülemiste, and Gert Jostov, the CEO of Technopolis Ülemiste, announced that the entire campus will be switching to green energy starting in October. Based on the campus’s annual consumption, the ecological footprint will be reduced by the annual consumption nearly 5000 families.

Almost 12,000 people live, study and work in the rapidly-growing Ülemiste City, and almost 500 companies operate there. While green energy accounts for approx. 5 per cent of the energy used today, then next month it will be 100 per cent.

Margus Nõlvak, CEO of Mainor Ülemiste, said that the process of developing a yearslong strategy for the campus, one that would help make it a full environment for both living and working. The focus is also on a cleaner and healthier environment.

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‘In setting environmentally friendly goals, Ülemiste City has joined the Green Tiger pilot programme, which aims to increase environmental awareness and lay the foundations for a balanced economy, just as Tiger Leap launched the development of the technology sector and made Estonia one of the most advanced digital countries in the world. Our wish in Ülemiste City is to also offer the best possible environment for local international talents, where everyone can contribute to a better future,’ he said.

According to Gert Jostov, CEO of Technopolis Ülemiste, the entire city of Tallinn has set the goal of taking a more nature-friendly course by applying for the title of Green Capital 2022. ‘If we want the city to be sustainable for decades to come, decisive steps must be taken today. I believe that Ülemiste City can be a good example and encourage other regions to consider alternative energy solutions for the sake of nature and the well-being of its inhabitants,’ he stated.

Today, the city is supplied with electricity by Elektrum and Eesti Energia. Indrek Randveer, Director of Sales and Customer Experience at Eesti Energia, said that choosing renewable energy is one of the simplest environmentally friendly changes that can be made in order to reduce a company’s ecological footprint. Green energy is produced using 100 per cent renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind, and hydro.

‘A cleaner living environment is something we all desire. We are pleased to see that Eesti Energia’s customers are making more and more informed choices – a new customer chooses green energy every second, thus contributing to the acceleration of the development of renewable energy. It is a pleasure to see that an increasing number of major electricity consumers are also opting for green energy. Ülemiste City is a leading and responsible community that serves as an example for all of Estonia,’ he said.

In addition to a greener future, Ülemiste City Community Day, which was held today, also presented the results of the world’s first self-driving public transport pilot project, FABULOS; a building’s floor plan challenge based on artificial intelligence in cooperation with Robotex; a unique collaboration with the University of Tartu to create a talent model; and the first health technology business accelerator in the Baltics, Health Founders, located in the newly opened Ülemiste Health Centre.

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