The signage system on our campus got a new look

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In cooperation with Disainiosakond (who designed signage in Tartu town and are experts in this field), we have created a new signage system in Ülemiste City. After a long period of planning and designing, we have reached the phase of removing old signs and installing new ones.

In the future, we wish that the heart of the campus would belong to people, not cars, so we have designed the signs accordingly, directing the drivers to parking spaces on the perimeter of the campus and guiding them on as pedestrians.

Two stages

In the first stage, which is completed in January, the campus will receive new eye-catching yellow and black pedestrian and light traffic signs: house totems, campus totems, directing signs and maps.

In the second stage, which is completed in the first half of 2022, we will create the concept of the Ülemiste City parking circle, which will be marked by traffic signs installed on the perimeter of the campus. The new signage system is a circular trajectory around Ülemiste City, marked with signs, which directs visitors to a car park or parking house, with free spaces.

A network of pedestrian signs

Pedestrian signs installed during January will mark the route from the campus outskirts and direct the pedestrian to the desired building or institution under the constant guidance. Pedestrians are instructed by three types of directing signs that create a network of signs, maps and information boards on the campus. The walls of public transport booths and freestanding maps in popular places add extra guidance if someone is wandering off track.

Types of signage

Campus totems are located at the most important decision-making points, containing the following information: Ülemiste City Map; directions to most important points of interest and houses in the campus; campus index of large companies, service providing companies, shops and restaurants.

House totems are located in front of the entrance of the buildings or parking houses, containing the following information: Ülemiste City Map; index of companies located in the building; a story about the scientist after whom the house is named.

Directing signs are located between totems and destinations, keeping pedestrians and cyclists on the right track. They will lead to important locations and buildings.

The parking lot maps and indexes are located in larger outdoor car parks, containing the following information: Ülemiste City Map; campus index of services, shops, and large companies.

Highlighting the house name in companies contacts details

Each house has its name. It is not news that the numbers might get mixed up easily, but a name with a story and an actual person behind it will be remembered much longer. Therefore, the house’s name has become prominent in Ülemiste campus signage, and the address will support it. Due to this, please be so kind as to update your company details and add the name of the house you are located in (Öpik, Palm, Schmidt, Zapp, Tamm, Lurich, Agur, Puusepp, Nurkse, Käis, Lind, Liwentaal, Kogerman). In addition, add the nearest parking area, for example, K parking area (2 hours free of charge with a parking clock) and the closest parking house, for example, F parking house (1 hour free of charge) with the address of your company in Ülemiste City. This way, your guest will arrive much faster and, if lost, can find their way with our signage network. Find the parking lot map here.

When do new signs get up and old ones are taken down?

Today, the campus totems, house totems, address signs and entrance signs are installed. Next, directions signs and small parking lot information boards will be added. The entire network of pedestrian signs will be ready by the end of January.

When all the new signs have been installed, the old Ülemiste City signs inside the campus will be removed.

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