The ResQ-Club app helps you simply save money and food

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In Ülemiste City, the food rescue application ResQ Club started, which aims to reduce food waste.

ResQ Club is a mobile app that makes food from nearby restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and wholesalers easily and affordably available to people that would otherwise go to waste.

According to a study commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment last year, 167,000 tons of food waste are generated in Estonia annually. About half of this is wasted food. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the United States. In addition to the sizeable environmental burden, throwing away food also wastes a whole range of already used resources – arable land, water, energy, labour and transport. ResQ Club is designed to bring significant relief to food waste.

With ResQ Club, you can find an affordable meal for dinner or a light snack for lunch. Using the ResQ app is fast and convenient, and with every rescue, you are also doing good for our nature! In Ülemiste City, two R-Kiosk convenience stores and Restaurant Mona have joined the ResQ Club, and other sustainably thinking eateries are being added!

R-Kiosk takes food waste reduction very seriously — in the stores here, you can find food with a special discount with the Green Tiger’s appeal “We keep good food”, whose shelf life is approaching. Those sandwiches, healthy salads, pastries or pasta are still tasty and high quality, just more affordable. With ResQ-Club, you can easily buy them immediately in the app and then go through the store. You conveniently save money, and R-Kiosk does not have to throw away good food. Experience so far has shown that buying food cheaply and thereby reducing food waste go very well together, and Estonians are interested in both.

How does ResQ Club work?

  • Download the ResQ Club app.
  • Find the best offers near you on the map.
  • Order food and pay for it directly in the app.
  • Bring the selected food from the provider within the period specified in the application.
  • Enjoy your meal and feel happy that you have contributed to saving food

Download the app and see offers near you:

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