Updated Ülemiste City wants to grow into the gateway to Estonia

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Ülemiste City, the largest and fastest growing business campus in the Baltics, underwent a brand renewal and wants to grow into the gateway to Estonia by being on the threshold of significant developments and bold plans. 

“Ülemiste City was created 16 years ago as a smart business environment, where people come first. Our own talents, 13,000 of whom are already here today from more than 70 countries”, explained Kadi Pärnits, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor AS, which is developing Ülemiste City. “This will not change. The wish was also to grow into a major driver of the Estonian economy. The nearly 500 companies at Ülemiste City, with a combined total turnover of EUR 2 billion, provide one third of Estonia’s IT exports and create added value that is almost double the Estonian average. All of this is the result of what has been brought and created by our diverse community.” 

In the course of brand renewal, the visual identity of Ülemiste City, the website and references to the entire campus will receive a new look. This was driven by the desire and need to unify the user experience of the campus’s talents, in both physical and digital environments, while standing on the threshold of significant developments. 

Guido Pärnits, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Mainor Group and Director of Ülemiste Centre, also directed attention to longer-term objectives. “Over the next five years, the airport, the Rail Baltic and bus terminal, as well as the FinEst tunnel, will begin to constitute a single whole, one that will create fast and convenient connections to the rest of the world. You can reach Helsinki in 30 minutes and Pärnu in 40 minutes, Riga and St. Petersburg in 2–3 hours. Nearly 100,000–150,000 people would arrive here every day, making Ülemiste the gateway to Estonia and the gateway from Estonia to the world”, said Guido Pärnits. 

The focus is also on creating a fast-growing environment for start-ups, while boosting their cooperation with the campus’s large companies. “The likelihood thereby increases that more and more branches of large global companies will find their way here, following the example set by Volkswagen’s global development unit. Adding the revival of business tourism, and making the whole environment more open to the green zone surrounding Lake Ülemiste and the urban space located on the other side of the railway, pleasant co-operation with the state and local government is moving increasingly to the fore”, noted Guido Pärnits. 

“Thinking globally, innovatively and taking a people-centred approach, and by creating added value through various synergies more broadly, we have initiated and are planning a series of new education, innovation, health and research projects. We will continue cooperating with Estonia’s leading universities, raising awareness as a green environment and providing the opportunity for free training for the campus’s companies”, added Kadi Pärnits.

“The transformation of Ülemiste City into a 24-hour multifunctional test environment, where it is possible to work, study and live at the same time, is both our greatest joy and challeng”, said Ursel Velve, who became the Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor Ülemiste a few months ago. “We will get there through the application of smart and innovative solutions and services, which in the user experience are intended for our current talents, companies and residents, as well as future members of the community, guests and the general public. A key focus in the development of the environment and community is the introduction of a green and sustainable way of thinking, and making our contribution to bring the title of Green Capital home to Tallinn.” 

The working and business environment, which has changed dramatically over the course of a year, has also transformed the relationship with commercial real estate, explained Gert Jostov, Chairman of the Management Board of Technopolis Ülemiste. “Cooperation and working together have taken on completely new meanings because of our current life and times. Over the course of only one year, everything has changed: from the real estate market to people’s habits. Our goal is create flexible and well-thought-out solutions for our companies and their employees, which meet their expectations and to which teams will be itching to return from their home offices. As a developer, you can no longer rely on old clichés; instead, you must be prepared to also create jobs that require shorter-term projects.” 

A total of 150,000 square metres of rentable office space has been built on Ülemiste City’s 36 hectares. The campus is home to nearly 500 companies and serves as a work, study and living environment for more than 13,000 people. Ülemiste City is being developed by Mainor AS, Mainor Ülemiste AS, and Technopolis Ülemiste AS. 

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