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Estonia’s most exciting public meeting room to be opened in Ülemiste

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A tiny Estonian architectural gem ÖÖD house, which has received a lot of international attention, was opened among the Ülemiste City office buildings for holding meetings. 
‘We are big fans of modern Estonian architecture and wanted to offer people working in the City a novel creative place to organise meetings,’ Margus Nõlvak, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor Ülemiste that is developing Ülemiste City, explained, adding that this exciting modular house can be used to hold meetings free of charge for a month. 

ÖÖD house is an Estonian architectural gem established in 2016, and more than half a hundred countries around the world have been interested in it. Thanks to the reflective façade, the building blends well into the surrounding environment, and the transparent walls make the interior of the 18-square metre building significantly more spacious.

‘The cooperation offer of Ülemiste City was a great honour for us, as we have always been fascinated by the innovation and aura of this City. The meeting room of ÖÖD in the middle of the autumn oasis at Valukoja 7 looks extremely natural yet spectacular, fitting in with the adjacent modern giants, as well as the limestone walls. However, above all, we are delighted to know that all interested parties can now open the door of ÖÖD Mirror House and become part of the essence of that house,’ Andreas Tiik, one of the creators of ÖÖD houses, noted. He added that hopefully the ÖÖD house will contribute to developing high-minded ideas and establishing inspiring success stories of the people in the City.    

ÖÖD house, located next to Öpik house in Ülemiste City, is a space for the people and companies in the City, adapted for cosy meetings for up to 12 participants. The house is surrounded by a park typical of the City that appreciates greenery, with apple trees carrying sweet fruit.

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