Top experts will bring future business opportunities to our campus

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The first Ülemiste City Future Forum, set to take place at the beginning of September in Tallinn, will introduce new business models and talent management tools for cutting-edge companies.  

Taking place on September 8th-10th at the largest business campus in the Baltics, Ülemiste City Future Forum will be focusing on three progressive and inspirational areas – creating and implementing new business models, discovering and developing talent, and a green mindset as a new reality and business opportunity.  

More than 70 speakers will take the stage at the region’s largest future business conference, with more than 1200 people from nearly 30 countries participating. Strongly involved are international companies, as well as university lecturers, researchers and students; start-ups and talents; representatives of NGOs and cities.  

“At the Ülemiste City Future Forum, bold ideas from innovative companies will meet imaginative talents, investors, and students. We consider it to be significant that we are organising the conference in cooperation with the city of Tallinn, which aims to become one of the greenest cosmopolitan cities in Europe,” said Kadi Pärnits, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor AS, who expressed hope that the hybrid forum, which is set to take place every few years, will grow into a major global event.  

Pärnits added: “Ülemiste City, as a leader in innovation and talent development, and a creator of an increasingly fast-growing environment, seeks to encourage the search for new possible forms of cooperation, which may seem impossible at first glance. New ideas, a thirst for knowledge, a fresh vision of the future and co-creation could be the keywords for these days.”  

Thoughts and experiences will also be shared by many players with extensive international reach. Nicolas Derbin, Managing Director of CARIAD Estonia, part of CARIAD SE, which is responsible for automotive software development within the Volkswagen Group, will talk about the future of innovative business. Ben Wilson, historical author of the best-seller Metropolis, will ruminate on why living in a smart city is the best solution for humanity and what the biggest challenges facing city planners are.  

The panels will discuss how to find and retain talent, what the importance of a green environment will be, and how innovative data and knowledge-based solutions will affect an ever-changing business and urban space. Antti Miettinen, Director of Mehiläinen, a highly regarded Finnish healthcare and social services provider, will take part in a discussion on innovative models for employee health management.  

It will also be possible to take part in various hackathons, tech giant Fujitsu co-creation workshop, introduce new solutions, tools and ideas at FutureExpo or take part in training bites covering mental, physical, social and economic well-being and digital health at EduFest.  

Check out the program and get tickets 

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