Tele2 to start chipping employees

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Today, Tele2 installed a chip under the skin of the first employees, allowing them to enter doors, open cabinets, and use printers. 

Chris Robbins, CEO of Tele2 Estonia, was the first to install the NFC chip between his thumb and forefinger. 

‘Of course, installing the chip is optional, but I promised to try it out before the other employees. There is nothing to be afraid of – life is going to be more comfortable and there will no longer be any worries about the door card being left behind,’ Robbins laughed. 

In Tele2, the NFC subcutaneous chip will initially only replace the current door card, having all the equivalent capabilities of a physical card. However, the field of use of the chip is constantly expanding, and if desired, a person can program other functions for it in the future, from starting the car to opening the door lock at home. 

Both the green bus card and the bank signal card contain a similar NFC chip. 

There are already chipped people in Ülemiste City, where Tele2 is newly located, in three well-known companies, and the reliability of the technology has been thoroughly tested. Margus Nõlvak, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor Ülemiste that is developing Ülemiste City, who was the first to receive the chip, said that he has been wearing the chip for more than a year, and the same goes for half of his team.  

‘It really makes working life much more comfortable, so we also offer it to our customers as a service. We are looking forward to seeing technology companies, but why not Tele2, the newest subscriber in our City, to further develop the technology, so we can get new convenience services for the chips. Technologically, a similar chip could be used as a bank card in cooperation with financial institutions or as an ID card in cooperation with the state,’ Nõlvak added. 

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