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Tallinn was chosen as the most intelligent community in the world in 2020, Ülemiste City played a big part in that decision

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The Intelligent Community Forum in New York chose Tallinn as the most intelligent community in the world in 2020.

Tallinn was the only European city among the communities in Australia, the United States and Canada, reaching the final seven out of several hundred candidates. Tiit Terik, Chairman of the Tallinn City Council, said that the title was brought to Tallinn by years of continuous work in this field.

‘We will certainly not rest now. International cooperation is important to us. Organizations such as the Intelligent Community Forum create networks. This model is a good example for all cities and communities that want to become smarter,’ said Terik.

The Intelligent Community Forum is a non-profit organization based in New York that has been determining the world’s most intelligent communities since 1999. In 2007, Tallinn was recognised for the first time for the development of the field of IT and communication technology, competing against other communities in the world, when the ICF ranked the city of Tallinn among the seven most intelligent communities in the world out of more than 300 candidates. Tallinn has become one of the seven most intelligent cities six times (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2020).

Kaupo Kalda
Source: Tallinn Official tourism marketing images Photo: Kaupo Kalda

In the case of Tallinn, the organization of the education festival iduEDU, the establishment of information and communication technology innovation laboratories at educational institutions, incubators for start-ups, and the Ülemiste City business campus were highlighted this year. The organization of the Prototron competition and overall growth orientation were also assessed.

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) is a global movement that includes 185 cities and regions. Tallinn joined the Intelligent Community Association in 2010. Only communities whose activities have been identified by the Intelligent Community Forum as being part of Smart21 can be members of the Association.

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