Tallinn’s best business acts of the year were revealed

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‘Tallinn’s companies are cordial, innovative and cooperative, and they will find clever ways to survive difficult times and turn them to their advantage, if necessary,’ said Aivar Riisalu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, as he recognised every nominee.

Revealed were Tallinn’s best real estate development project of the year favourable to business or tourism, the best cooperation project between companies, the best start-up company, the best tourism act, the best job creator, the best responsible company, and the best idea for the future.

According to Aivar Riisalu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, 2020 has presented a number of challenges to the entire business landscape and put a great many organizations in a difficult position. ‘It is even more gratifying to see how the restrictions have triggered creativity and led companies to take action and seek new solutions. The award was given to a wide range of organizations, including old players as well as new start-ups, prestigious research institutions and companies with a global reach,’ he said.

Winners of this year’s Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards are:

Development Project 2020: The Lurich Building, developed by Mainor Ülemiste AS

A development that will bring the first smart homes to the largest smart business campus in the Baltic Republics and Nordic countries. The Lurich Building consists of a 13-storey apartment tower, an 8-storey office tower and the lower section supporting them. The building has a total area of 41,000 square meters, and the total construction cost was EUR 31 million. The entire development stands out in terms of its innovative solutions – for example, if you want, you can open doors and order services using a subcutaneous chip.

Cooperation Project 2020: Global Virtual Solutions, the main partners in the project are Marketing Communication Alliance OÜ, SA Tallinna Kultuurikatel and Eventech OÜ

It is a comprehensive and secure solution for hybrid and virtual events, having been developed in collaboration between several companies. Global Virtual Solutions is a unique way to bring together performers and participants from around the world in conditions where people’s movement is restricted and direct contact is prohibited. The project offers the virtual tourist a comprehensive service from cyber security to network engineering, enabling the creation of memorable and unique events that captivate and have a realistic impact.

Brightest Startup 2020: SRINI OÜ

Srini OÜ is a development company focused on complex special software solutions. Despite its small size, the company competes at the highest level alongside large and recognized players. The company’s vision is to create a lean, management and bureaucracy-free organization that allows employees to be paid a decent wage. 30 per cent of profits are distributed to all employees, thus increasing the sense of ownership of the organization’s employees.

Tourism Achievement 2020: Fat Margaret Museum and Visitor Centre, submitted by the Estonian Maritime Museum

The Estonian Maritime Museum’s new exposition in Fat Margaret stands out with its inviting structure and modern presentation methods. The renovated historic 500-year-old artillery tower and its auxiliary buildings form a comprehensive Museum and Visitor Centre, the star exhibit of which is a 700-year cog, one that is unique in the world. The real potential of the Fat Margaret building complex – one of the most unique objects in Tallinn’s Old Town, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is clearly highlighted in the cityscape as an important landmark.

Responsible Company 2020: Leib Restoran OÜ

Restaurant Leib brings real tastes from the farm to the plate and is a leader in modern Estonian cuisine. Leib is led by Chef Janno Lepik and sommelier Kristjan Peäske, who also contribute to the development of the entire restaurant sector on a daily basis. In addition to their main business, they support charitable initiatives such as SOS Children’s Village and are permanent donors to the Hille Tänavsuu cancer treatment foundation ‘The Gift of Life’. The project ‘Feed the Children’, started by Kristjan Peäske, deserves special recognition, having raised EUR 100,000 in support of the Food Bank over a period of three years.

Future Solution 2020: solar metal roof, Roofit Solar Energy OÜ

Roofit Solar Energy OÜ has developed electricity-producing monocrystalline solar panels that are cleverly integrated into traditional roofing materials. An efficient and strong environmentally friendly roofing material is the result of material science and innovation, which makes solar energy more accessible to people. The company has 13 employees.

In addition to the seven main categories, additional prizes were awarded to the best applied science projects in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the Foundation of Applied Higher Education Institutions.

The special prize for applied science projects was awarded to:

Best Science Project at the Tallinn University of Technology: ‘Robotic vessel NYMO’, researchers Heigo Mõlder, Tanel Jalakas, Indrek Roasto, and Taavi Möller.

Best science project at Tallinn University: ‘Vitamin C serum prescription development’, researchers Rando Tuvikene, Mari-Liis Leinus, and Heidi Lees.

Best Science Project at the Estonian Academy of Arts: ‘Service platform BioTa or placemaking in a biophilic Tallinn’, author Triin Jürgens.

Best Science Project in Estonian Applied Higher Education Institutions: ‘The 6 kV electricity network project for the Veskiposti development’, research author Vaido Sooäär.

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