New street art in Ülemiste City calls attention to climate activism

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The latest work in Mondo’s #IShareHerPower campaign is a 7-metre-high mural by Lex Zooz in Ülemiste City, which puts forest conservation in the spotlight. The work of Lex Zooz is inspired by the activities of environmental activist Wangari Maathai.

Photo Marek Metslaid

“I chose ‘forest protection’ as the theme of my work because it is a subject close to my heart and it is an issue that is also topical in Estonia. Studies have already shown that deforestation is spiraling out of control and could have serious climate consequences for our country. Fifty years ago, when there were no conservation organisations, Wangari Maathai almost single-handedly stepped up to protect Africa’s forests from global industry and oil companies that were destroying Kenyan and African ecosystems. I believe that, knowing what that woman did, people should be a little ashamed of how neglectful we are of nature, pretending that there are no issues. After all, you risk losing something irreversibly if you don’t pay enough attention to any of the problems,” said artist Lex Zooz. The piece of street art is located at Valukoja 5 in Ülemiste City.

The aim of the #IShareHerPower campaign is to speak out through street art about the impact of climate change on the daily lives of people in warmer climates and lower income countries. The campaign aims to highlight the contribution of female climate activists and their fight for the future in different countries.

As part of the campaign, four major street art works by four professional artists will be created in Tallinn, an art competition for young people will be held, and guided street art tours will be organised in Tallinn’s urban spaces. 

A sticker album inspired by women activists and a sticker design competition for 15–25 year olds will run in parallel with the production of the street pieces. The aim of the competition is to encourage young people in Estonia to think about environmental challenges through a suitable art form and to find motivation in the actions of environmental activists already doing their work.

The #IShareHerPower campaign was launched in cooperation with the NGO Rural Urban Art and MTÜ Lasnaidee non-profit association. Following the completion of the street art pieces, Mondo will organise guided tours together with Lasnaidee, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the artworks created and the activities of the activists who inspired them. Mondo will announce the exact dates of the tours on its website and social media.

All campaign activities can be followed on social media with the hashtag #IShareHerPower.

The #IShareHerPower street art campaign is funded by the European Commission and the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV). The creation of the works is supported by AkzoNobel with paints and Ramirent with hoists.

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