We are investing over 21 million euros into the development of international education

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We are developing Estonia’s first international learning quarter which will cover the entire path of education and become Estonia’s largest investment into international education. 

The new learning quarter, which will be completed in two years, will become home to students at the International School of Tallinn from kindergarten and pre-school to high school, a daycare centre, and the IT faculty of the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. The development, which will cost more than 21 million, will become Estonia’s largest investment in international education. 

“The technology sector – including the entire smart industry – is growing rapidly in Ülemiste City as well as Estonia as a whole. We want jobs which have been and will be created in the sector to remain in Estonia,” Kadi Pärnits, chairperson of the board of Mainor Group emphasised. “It’s no secret that demand for international top specialists is growing at an equal pace. Many specialists who come to work in Estonia bring their families and want world-class educational opportunities to be provided for their children. Mainor has been a part of the private education sector for over 30 years and the new development will enable us to more than double the number of international students.” 

After its opening, the learning quarter will provide places in school and kindergarten for over 500 children. Children who speak English or Estonian are all welcome in kindergarten. The campus additionally has an international family medicine and healthcare service, homes and other essentials for families. “We are adding healthcare to the campus as a new 6-story healthcare building which is focused on prevention and innovation in healthcare and will employ 400 specialists will be based next to the learning quarter,” Pärnits added.  

Particularly considering the families of international talents, the International School of Tallinn offers IB education, which allows for continuing the educational path in IB schools all over the world, whilst also being one of the most desirable entrance thresholds for university. Additionally, the school will help top talents who have made international careers whose families would like to continue an international educational path to return to Estonia. “Interest in international education is ever-growing, and the schools have experienced rapid growth in the previous years. The new development will allow us to accept all interested students again,” Olavi Otepalu, director of the International School of Tallinn, added. 

According to Ursel Velve, chair of the management board of Mainor Ülemiste, the development of the international learning quarter directly in the heart will certainly create great value. “Moving young future talents directly into the heart of the campus will certainly liven up the everyday life and the hustle and bustle of our campus. The new learning quarter will be complemented by Rakett69 Science Studios, which is aimed at young people with an interest in science and is located across the road. Along with the school, we will also expand the green areas of the campus, create opportunities for movement and activities, and spaces for working and resting outdoors. We must have everything necessary on location to provide opportunities for the world’s top talents to come here with their families.” 

The new Ülemiste City learning quarter will be based on the principles of the Schools in Motion program and the learning-promoting school, which were developed in collaboration with the University of Tartu mobility lab. It is characterised by green activity areas surrounding the school, a well-lighted and open learning environment, greenery-covered roofs, and a technology-rich environment. 

The cornerstone of the Ülemiste City learning quarter will be laid this autumn-winter, and it will be completed in mid-2024. The main architect of the project is 3+1 Arhitektid, and a consortium agreement for the construction works have been made with Nordecon and Embach Ehitus. 

“Ülemiste City with all its developments seems to be a step or even several steps ahead of the rest of Estonia. Innovation, a value- and knowledge-based approach and a very thoroughly considered view of the expectations and the future needs of the campus user are some keywords that we see here with every project,” said Gerd Müller, chairman of the board of Nordecon. “We are very happy to be on this journey with them and grateful for their trust.”  

Watch the video of the future vision of the learning quarter here.

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