The developer of Ülemiste City will enter the health technology start-up world as an investor

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Mainor AS will invest over a million euros to the knowledge-based development of Ülemiste City’s talent environment. Among other things, they will contribute to the launching of an innovative health management application. 

Guido Pärnits, Chairman of the Board of Mainor AS, justified the decision to enter the start-up world as an investor and contribute 200 000 euros to the application developed by the health technology start-up Active Health by wishing to take part in launching the success story of a new generation in Estonian health technology. 

 “We at Ülemiste City have always encouraged innovation and smart solutions for the future. The Activate application will give people the tools for independent health management along with the best science-based practices and modern technological solutions. We see great potential in it to develop our community as well as reaching many inhabitants of Estonia, and those beyond the border as well,” said Pärnits.  

 The platform, to be created in collaboration with Estonian doctors, scientists, and health advisers is like a digital personal trainer that helps to continuously develop the physical and mental shape of anyone who wants to. The application includes the newest opportunities for health management, programs created by experts, science-based recommendations, and micro-counselling by experienced coaches (additional information at Activate website )  

“Many health applications focus on one field, whereas Activate helps look at the big picture – increase physical activity, improve eating habits, achieve a better sleep quality, and learn the techniques of stress management. Scientific research shows that in simultaneously progressing in all of these fields, it is possible to take physical and mental fitness to a new level in just a few months, ”said the founder and CEO of Activate Health, Siim Saare. He added that in developing and testing the product, Ülemiste City has been a marvellous “live-lab”, and that in the future, they want to take the platform to other smart cities around the world. 

 A comprehensive community-based health model is key 

 According to Guido Pärnits, over a million euros will be invested this year to continue the knowledge-based development of the environment in the Baltics’ largest business campus, wherein equal thought has been put into the development of talent-friendly open spaces as well as jobs. These investments are not directed at the development of real estate, rather at the development of talent services, scientific cooperation, education, TestCity and other soft values. 

 “More and more, the hygiene norm in creating a modern and inspiring living, learning, and working environment, is focusing on communal health. In creating a campus that supports healthy behaviour, it is important to create a sort of safety net for talents – so they could focus, uninterrupted, and that as wide a range of services as possible would be at arm’s reach,” explained Pärnits. 

 In cooperation with research institutions and universities, the creation of an evidence- and knowledge-based urban space and environment will continue. “A recent study in health behaviour betrays that 60% of our people spend over 5 hours a day sitting down. Ülemiste City’s healthy city model, made with the aid of the scientists at the Univeristy of Tartu, emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive work environment that supports the employee’s mental, physical, and social wellbeing,” said Pärnits.  

 May is the health month at Ülemiste City, with various thematic initiatives planned – for example, the challenge of coming to work by bicycle (Bike2Work), outdoor training, mental health weeks and “take-the-stairs” weeks. Bicycle lanes, walking meeting paths will be created during the health month, and further opportunities will be developed for working outside. On 20 April, the University of Tartu will be introducing a thorough research on the health of the Ülemiste City community, and of various possibilities for working together. There will be a talk on 2 June on the future and trends of health behaviour, on the first-ever Ülemiste City Health Conference, where over 20 top specialists in the field will take to the stage.  

 Keeping the younger future talents in mind, an international education quarter will be ready in a few years, which will be founded in cooperation with the University of Tartu’s movement laboratory and according to the principles of a green school that invites people to study and move. Next to the education quarter to be erected in the middle of the campus, will be a 6-storey new health centre with nearly 400 specialists, focusing on health prediction and innovation.  

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