We’ll give up single-use packaging and join Ringo’s recyclable packaging system

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In Ülemiste City alone, we produce approximately 200 000 single-use packaging a year – an amount of waste that can fill a 13-story building. Therefore we have taken on an ambitious goal — to eliminate all single-use packaging from our campus. We took our first steps towards the packaging recycling world with Ringo’s team on our Community Day on June 15th, where our talents had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the concept of packaging recycling. Today, Ülemiste City has the largest Ringo return network in Estonia, with 38 return bins, which offers user convenience and the opportunity to make an environmentally friendly choice. It expands with the construction of each new business building.

How does the transition from single-use packaging to Ringo’s reusable packaging take place on our campus?

We have also set an ambitious deadline, the end of September, for our ambitious goal to eliminate all disposable packaging from our campus. We know that getting used to any change takes time, so we want to make this process as simple and convenient as possible for all our talents. Throughout July and August, we plan to share valuable information about Ringo’s packaging recycling and its return network for all interested on our social media channels, website, newsletter, and restaurants.

R-kiosk has been offering Ringo’s packaging since the beginning of June, being the first one to join with Ringo. Since then, many other restaurants, such as MinBowl, Dylan Ülemiste and Fredo, have joined.


Where can I buy takeaway with Ringo’s package?

A true example to all restaurants has been R-kiosk, who joined Ringo at the beginning of June. Since then, many other restaurants, such as MinBowl, Dylan Ülemiste and Fredo, have joined. In addition to Ülemiste City’s restaurants, Ringo’s reusable packaging is also available in different restaurants in Ülemiste Keskus.

How much does the Ringo package cost?

When buying your takeaway in Ringo’s packaging, you need to pay a deposit for the package, just like we are used to with beverage tare. The deposit depends on the package type, but in most cases will stay between 50 cents to 2 euros.

In addition, you have to consider the fee for using/washing Ringo’s package, which in most cases is included in the price of food, but in some restaurants, you have to pay 25 cents at the checkout.

Why do I have to pay for a deposit? What does the usage fee consist of?

A deposit fee is applied to the reusable packaging so that the food container does not end up in the trash bin but in Ringo’s collection bin. This also allows Ringo’s team to wash it bacteria-free at a temperature of 90°C and put it back into use. Ringo’s reusable packaging can be used up to 120 times. When the packaging loses its appearance, Ringo will recycle it.

The usage/washing fee consists of the return network, emptying the return bins, packaging washing and other minor components. All this in the name of less garbage in the world.

How does Ringo’s package move?

After returning the takeaway package to Ringo’s return bin, the packaging moves to Ringo’s washing centre, where all used containers will be washed at 90°C. After that, the washed, bacteria-free and quality-checked packaging are again sent out to cafes, restaurants and food manufacturers, where it passes through the caterer or store to the consumer again, and thus begins a new round of packaging!

How to return used packaging?

Returning Ringo’s package is easy as 1-2-3. If you have bought a takeaway in Ringo’s package, you need to scan the QR code. With newer smartphones, you can use the phone’s camera and point it at the QR code. You should download a QR code scanning app for older devices or open the Ringo web scanner from here. If you’re an Apple device owner, we recommend using your phone’s camera to scan. For other phones (Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony etc.), we recommend downloading the QR code app from Google Play.

After scanning and opening Ringo’s link, confirm the deposit to the scanned package and return your package to your nearest Ringo’s return bin. Currently, 38 return bins have been installed in the Ülemiste City campus, making everything convenient and fast for all our talents. You can find the locations of the return bins here.

NB! To ensure the container’s hygiene and the sustainability of the recycling service, used containers should be returned to the return bins after each use within 30 calendar days at the latest.


Creating your Ringo account is quick and easy! Insert your phone number to Ringo’s webpage and click log in/start. On the registration form, insert all the necessary details — phone number, e-mail address and create a password for your account. Confirm your details, and you’re done! As one last step, you’ll need to insert your banking details, so we’ll be able to refund the paid deposits.

What does the QR code on Ringo’s package show?

Each Ringo package has a unique QR code. This allows Ringo to count the amount of returned packaging and make sure that the deposit collected from the consumer is returned to the correct bank account. The QR code also provides an opportunity to monitor how many rounds have the reusable package already been made and when it’s time to send the container for recycling.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the packaging

Ringo’s packages are washed by the hygiene requirements of the largest food providers in the Baltics. Each package is bacteria-free, and its cleanliness has to meet high standards. Ringo has developed a washing solution that removes even the heaviest dirt from the packaging while being water efficient at the same time. Before going to a new round, the packages undergo high-quality control. All the containers that are not meeting the quality standards will be set aside and sent to the recycling if possible.

Much attention is also paid to the transportation of the packages. The correct transport and packaging ensure that the reusable food or drink packaging reaches the caterer without any viable bacteria!

What makes the use of Ringo packaging sustainable?

Ringo’s packaging has an average life cycle of 40-120 washes. The number of washes depends on how well the package has been stored. The life cycle of one Ringo’s food package is equivalent to an average of 80 disposable containers. This means that the footprint of a single-use package is, on average, four times larger than Ringo reusable packaging has. One use of Ringo emits 10g CO2, cardboard food packaging 28g CO2 and PET plastic packaging 48g CO2.

Would you like Ringo’s return bins in your office or home?

Suppose making environmentally friendly choices is also a goal for your organization, and you would like to make returning Ringo’s packaging as convenient as possible for your employees. In that case, you can order your return bin for your office. For more information, visit:

Together towards a greener, innovative campus!

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