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Mainor is planning an International House at the Ülemiste campus in cooperation with the State

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Mainor is planning to open an International House at the Ülemiste City campus in the autumn of 2018 from where specialists coming to work in Estonia and foreign students can receive all the information and perform all the necessary procedures for settling in Estonia and adapting to society with just one visit. 
 Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor Group Kadi Pärnits said that today, people arriving to work in Estonia must run between different institutions for all legal procedures, and information about different rights, obligations and opportunities for settling in Estonia must also often be searched from numerous different channels.   ‘The centre that is planned to be established in the Öpik house at the Ülemiste campus would enable one to receive all information and perform all official procedures in one place and in one swoop; also, it would be possible to receive information about rights and obligations prescribed by law, medical services, adjustment of family members and opportunities for children to obtain an education; adaptation, language-learning and culture programmes would also be offered,’ noted Pärnits, adding that positive examples of similar centres can be seen in other countries, as well. 

In Mainor’s vision, the International House would also include an information bank of foreign specialists, intended for local enterprises, and adaptation training would be organised for companies hiring foreign labour; at the same time, entrepreneurship-related consultation would be provided for e-residents, and the updated e-Estonia Showroom could also be located there. 

According to Pärnits, the Ülemiste campus, located beside the airport, is an ideal place for such a centre, since it already possesses a very active community of international specialists and a large number of international enterprises, as well as a school for foreigners, a private kindergarten and institute of higher education together with a dormitory. 
Pärnits added that the creation of a similar centre is a quite complicated, inter-ministry effort, the establishment of which requires the cooperation of very many parties, and which requires a government-level decision. ‘For this, we have already met and discussed the undertaking with Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, Ministers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, the Ministry of Education and Research, and the leading officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture. Many more meetings await, including with representatives of the Police and Border Guard Board, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Culture,’ Pärnits added. 

The added clarifying video of a similar international centre at the Danish capital Copenhagen: https://youtu.be/t8d919BDEe4


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