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Alma Tominga Green Building is Created for Future Talents

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The rafter party of the Alma Tominga green building has been held, which means that only a little more than a year is left until the opening. The new office building concept has attracted a lot of attention and almost 70% of the office space has already found its future talents.

“At a time when many developments were placed on hold, we decided without hesitation to move forward with the office building meeting the needs of the most talented people. It is a pleasure to acknowledge that the interest and demand for the proposed concept have greatly exceeded expectations,” said Ursel Velve, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor Ülemiste AS. “Many clients are clearly in the process of rethinking the working environment meant for their talents. There is an ever-growing appreciation for a holistic environment, to which everyone can long to return to from their home office.”

The green building, named after Estonia’s first female professor, Alma Tominga, will be completed as planned by November 2022 and is the office building project with the largest investment (over EUR 30 million) in Ülemiste City.

The main designer of the building, which encompasses more than 20,000 square metres, is PLUSS Architects and the builders are a joint team from Nordecon and NOBE. In addition, service designers, researchers from the University of Tartu, as well as urban strategists, indoor climate experts, LEED and digital nomad experts, and gRabbit – which is responsible for creating innovation in catering – are all involved in the construction of the building.

“The Alma Tominga building has been created with the help of our good partners from start to finish, from the inside to the outside – based on the needs of the talents of today and tomorrow. They are awaited by a working environment where innovation meets greenery and the environment is designed to support the development of each of our talents,” noted Ursel Velve.

“Despite the continuing turmoil in the world and the economic turbulence, the Alma Tominga building will be completed as planned. Through the efforts of Nordecon and NOBE’s joint site team, the building has reached its final height. I believe that the energy that has been put into the design and construction of this innovative office building will, in many ways, also have a positive effect on the building’s commercial lessees in the future,” said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Management Board of Nordecon AS.

The LEED® Gold Certificate for Energy and Environmental Efficiency has been planned for the 11-storey office building being built in close proximity to the Tallinn Airport, solar panels will be installed, and it will be the first building to join Utilitas’s district heating and cooling system built this year.

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