100 new families moving into Ülemiste City

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In cooperation between Ülemiste City and the City of Tallinn, and with the help of schoolchildren, birdhouses will be installed for 100 families of birds in the largest business campus in the Baltic Republics.  

Over the years, more than 10,000 jobs and new homes for people have been created in Ülemiste City, with our fine feathered friends also being welcome here. In order to ensure that they have a pleasant living environment, and to boost the level of cooperation between Ülemiste City and the City of Tallinn in the field of education and the environment, a competition was organized in Lasnamäe’s schools, with 100 birdhouses set to be installed in the campus over a period of two years. 

This year’s winning work was prepared by students from the Tallinn International School and was installed in Ülemiste City today by Ursel Velve, Chairman of the Board of Mainor Ülemiste, and Vladimir Svet, Elder of the Lasnamäe District. 

A number of major projects have already been launched – including the construction of the Rail Baltic terminal and the European Square – in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the City of Tallinn, as well as the construction of the small ring road in Tallinn. 

‘Our goal is to develop the broadest cooperation possible, affecting many population groups. There are an untold number of possibilities,’ emphasized Ursel Velve. She highlighted various educational projects, civil engineering works and events intended for residents, such as Night Run Estonia or outdoor cinemas, the organization of Future Forum – an innovation competition taking place for the first time this autumn – and the development of a joint mobility research and cycling strategy. 

‘It is time to end the division of the Lasnamäe district into residential and industrial zones. The Ülemiste region is an excellent example of the fact that, in the long term, it is mixed development that creates a modern urban environment. We believe that, in addition to creating new jobs, Ülemiste is also justified in thinking about how to create the best urban space in the region, one that is also suitable for birds and insects, among other things. We support this initiative and hope that the principles of modern urban planning will gradually be applied in other areas of Lasnamäe as well, places where the population is small,’ said Vladimir Svet. 

The title of European Green Capital must be brought home! 

The process of creating a complete green environment, to complement the existing talent centre, is an important part of Ülemiste City’s vision – bird songs are an integral part of this vision! 

‘In order to promote green thinking, we have prepared an entire programme, encompassing waste recycling, the creation of open air workstations, alternative energy sources, development of Tallinn’s Green Corridor, raising awareness of and promoting movement among companies and talents, and much more,’ said Mati Fjodorov, Chief Green Officer for Ülemiste City. 

‘We wish to contribute to the development of the concept of Tallinn as a Green City. Whether it involves serving as a test environment for new green ideas as part of the Green Tiger collaboration platform, the possible opening of Lake Ülemiste, or something else that is both bold and ambitious. We believe that Tallinn has an excellent chance to finally bring home the title of Green Capital,’ said Velve. 

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