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The most innovative health centre in the Baltics was opened in Ülemiste City

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Today, accompanied by drum and heartbeats, the Ülemiste Health Centre was opened, the future-oriented approach of which, along with close cooperation with universities and the utilisation of new technologies, will create new standards in health behaviour and disease prevention.

In addition to schools, shops, restaurants, a sports club, and new homes, the 12,000 talents of the 500 companies operating in Ülemiste City will now also have a new health centre within walking distance.

‘As an environment, we want to support our talents so that everything important is within reach, nothing is missed, and we can focus on what we have come here to do. The health of our talents is undoubtedly one of our top priorities. The City of the Future should have all the prerequisites necessary for everyone to remain healthy, while providing an environment that promotes development’, said Kadri Pärnits, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor AS, which is developing Ülemiste City.

‘In the brand-new health centre, advice and assistance is available to everyone – from the youngest children to the elderly and from functional diagnostics to appointments with up to 17 family physicians who speak five foreign languages. That way, none of us in the campus will be forced to waste any more valuable working time or block traffic!’

According to Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik, the new health centres will bring significant progress in family medicine. ‘The establishment of new health centres will strengthen the teams of family physicians and offer people a wider range of services, while also improving the working conditions of family physicians and nurses as well as promoting opportunities to cooperate with other specialists. In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, access to healthcare and close cooperation between healthcare professionals are even more important,’ said Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik. ‘I commend the driving forces of the Ülemiste Health Centre project for its successful completion.’

‘Finding family physicians and their knowledge of foreign languages has been an area of concern for several thousand international talents in the campus. We have attempted to find these types of family physicians in particular and we are pleased to say that we can serve our guests in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, German and Norwegian,’ said Kristel Amjärv, Manager of Ülemiste Health Centre.

Comprehensive range of services

Ülemiste Health Centre will host 24 companies that will receive both the campus’s own residents as well as guests – everything is available here, starting with Babysport, the developmental support centre for babies and young children, to Synlab’s medical laboratory.

The patient population of the 17 family physicians already operating at Ülemiste Health Centre reaches 25,000 people. The private medical clinic Qvalitas focuses on occupational health, offering mental health care in cooperation with Meeletervis, dental service with Unimed, with an optical laboratory-eyewear shop also being found there.

The building, named after Karl Papello, the inventor of many optical and medical scientific inventions, also has a Medemis clinic, an eye centre, a therapy clinic, a Benu Pharmacy, a Medipood shop and a Central Psychiatric Clinic, as well as a flower shop and café. Doctors and orthopaedists from the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of the University of Tartu will begin receiving patients next to private entrepreneurs, the Defence Resources Agency’s medical committee can be found here, and the North Estonia Medical Centre’s Blood Centre will open its doors.

An innovation floor and a bold vision of the future

The opening of the fourth or so-called innovation floor with its broader role in shaping the future of medicine. Located on the floor are Health Founders, a unique health technology start-up business accelerator in the Baltics, offering a growth programme with experienced mentors and live laboratory facilities.

‘Health Founders works closely with the staff from all of Ülemiste Health Centre’s medical institutions to help develop science-based medicine based on modern technology,’ said Amjärv. ‘Cooperation with other service providers and companies in the campus is also important when it comes to disease prevention.’

‘In cooperation with the University of Tartu, we are developing a unique health behaviour model that is personally based on the physical, mental and social characteristics of each person. This tool could also help all other cities and campuses around the world to prevent disease and improve their quality of life in the future,’ said Pärnits.

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