Changes in Ülemiste City traffic arrangements

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It’s the vision of Ülemiste City to create a human-friendly, green and safe urban space. We fully support more environmentally friendly moving methods with a smaller footprint, such as a bicycle or public transport. Last year, we received valuable feedback from the bike path pilot project. We learned that walking along the campus streets is not pleasant and safe due to a lot of traffic noise. In addition, it was found that the construction of separate bicycle paths is not reasonable, as cyclists and cars can move together on the streets.

In cooperation with mobility experts, we have developed some necessary innovations. We’re also collecting mobility data to assess the impact of our environmental interventions and ensure a more human-friendly and pleasant urban space for everyone.

Here are the latest mobility-related updates:

Speed Limit Changes

Your safety is our top priority! We’ve implemented a new speed limit of 20 km/h on Valukoja and Lõõtsa streets. Look out for the new road markings that remind you of the lower speed limit. With reduced speeds, we aim to create a safer, quieter, and more pleasant environment for all.

Introducing Speed Cushions

Say hello to our new speed cushions on Valukoja and Lõõtsa streets! The relatively new speed cushion in Estonia, the Berlin cushion, can be widely found in Western Europe and is narrower than usual, so it does not interfere with cyclists moving on the side of the road nor with buses.

Speed Reminder Boards

Starting from the first week of August, we’ll install new speed reminder boards. These boards not only remind drivers of their speed but also help us gather valuable mobility data.

Let’s drive safe!

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