Bringpack service helps make our campus greener

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You can now buy lunch on our campus using Bringpack’s reusable food container. In this way, we can reduce the amount of waste from disposable food packaging and enjoy a greener campus.

Bringpack has successfully developed its service in Baltic Station Market and Patarei Sea Fortress areas and cooperated with the sTARTUp Day event. As part of a pilot project, we are glad that Bringpack’s reusable food packaging recycling service is now available at three restaurants on our campus—Fredo, Dylan Ülemiste and Cafe Plus. We hope to expand the service and increase the number of collecting stations in the future after a successful pilot project.

What is Bringpack?

Bringpack is a food packaging deposit system that allows you to buy food from a restaurant in a reusable food container and return it to a collecting station later. The reusable food containers are made of durable polypropylene plastic, specifically designed for making food containers.

Why choose a Bringpack food package?

In one year, we use so much disposable food packaging on our campus that the amount could fill out an approximately a 13-storey office building. Here is where Bringpack comes to the rescue by helping us to buy lunch without waste. One Bringpack food container is recycled about 40 times, and when it reaches the end of its life, the container will be sent to recycling.

How to use the service?

You can buy food with a Bringpack food container from Fredo, Dylan Ülemiste and Cafe Plus restaurants. At the register of Fredo, you have to pay €2.25, in Dylan Ülemiste 2.36 and in Cafe Plus 2 €. You can return the container to the Bringpack’s collecting station near Fredo or Dylan Ülemiste restaurants when you have finished eating. 

When returning the container, you can comfortably wave your phone or contactless bank card at the payment terminal, and you’ll get the deposit amount of 2 € back on the next business day. If you have problems with contactless payment, there is also a customer support number on the machine, through which you can get help quickly.

Read more about the Bringpack service.

We also invite all community members to share feedback on the Bringpack service! If you have ideas on improving the service, write to our Green Chief Officer, Mati Fjodorov:

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