Webinar: What’s new in Future City science?

Come listen today at 2 PM via online what’s new in Future City science! 🛸 PhD students of Future City Professorship in TalTech present their research fields and projects they work with.

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The schedule:

🔹 14.00 – Opening words from Future City professor Jenni Partanen

🔹 14.10 – 14.40
Title: Mobility Micro Simulation

Presenter: Mahdi Rasoulinezhad

Overview: In the project cellular automaton model is applied in the framework of complex adaptive systems. The aim is to simulate the effect of different mobility modes, their shares and volumes on the traffic. The case are is Tallinn. Short discussion.

🔹 14.40 – 15.10
Title: (Re-)discovering urban vitality measurements for cities in the digital transition

Presenter: Kofoworola Modupe Osunkoya

Overview: The project examines the transition (digitalization & urbanization) of urban vitality measurement from old methods (traditional travel survey data collection) to new methods (Smart card, mobile phone, mobility data ), which are essential to manage urban complexity and keep cities alive. Short discussion.

🔹 15.10 – 15.40
Title: Locational patterns and locational decisionmaking in a Smart City

Presenter: Olli Jakonen

Overview: The research concerns the locational patterns and decision making in digitalized cities. Information and communications technology (ICT) is making it possible to arrange organizations, work, and innovation more independently of spatial and temporal constraints which is an intriguing topic of research growing in relevance. Furthermore, the emergence of new ‘smart industries’ requires new research about how these industries are co-located and what kind of spatial arrangements might be most suitable for innovation. Short discussion.

🔹 15.40 – 16.00 Discussion with professor and PhD students.

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