Learning Estonian – How, Where, Exams?

🧐 In case you are wondering how to start learning Estonian language, we’ve got you covered!

We will provide you with an informative step-by-step overview
➡️ How to get started,
➡️ How to structure your studies,
➡️ Which platforms and services are available and much more.
➡️ You will find out where to get support or even find conversation buddies.
➡️ And we will also let you know, where to take the language exams.

📅 Join us for a webinar on how to learn start learning Estonian on Tuesday, October 3rd at 16.00 on Teams online platform.

📌 Do not lose the opportunity and register here! https://shorturl.at/oERT6
The webinar is free of charge, however the spots are limited, so please hurry to guarantee your spot

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