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MIS TOIMUB? Jobs-To-Be-Done Workshop Disainmõtlemise konverentsi raames. Praktikum toimub inglise keeles.
The concept of a “job” in “Jobs-To-Be-Done” is neatly encapsulated by a oft-quoted line from Theodore Levitt: “People want a quarter-inch hole, not a quarter inch drill”. Originating in market research and strategy, Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) is a set of frameworks that is rapidly being recognised and adopted by product teams and UX practitioners worldwide as an effective way to identify and to define user needs. Based on several years of using JTBD in her own work, Steph will demystify the applications of JTBD Theory, introduce you to the core methods in this hands-on workshop and show you how you can best incorporate it into your product research and design process.
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:
* Jobs-to-Be-Done theory and an overview of different frameworks that put it into practice
* The foundations of the Outcome Driven Innovation framework
* The original JTBD Switch interview approach
* How to write lightweight script for Switch interviews
* How to extract functional, emotional, and social jobs
* High-level analysis using JTBD timeline and forces
* How to write job statements, desired outcome statements, and job stories
* How to combine the Switch interview with other research methods
* Expressing user needs in job stories, job statements and outcome statements
* How to define and explore product opportunities using JTBD
* Demand Thinking, and ongoing development of jobs-as-progress

KELLELE? UX, teenusedisainerid, disainerid, tooteomanikud

KES? Praktikumi viib läbi Stephanie Troeth

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