How to find a job in Estonia seminar

❗️🇪🇪 💼Are you interested to enter the job market in Estonia? Thinking of how to create the CV that will stand out? Or thinking how to ace your job interview? Then we got the seminar just for you!

On 27th of January from 10:00 until 13:00 Darja Sudelainen-Fedosov from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will be covering all the topics concerning finding a job in Estonia, making CVs and cover letters in a way that Estonian employers would like to see them, as well as tips for job interviews.

The event will take place at the International House of Estonia (Address: Valukoja 8, C wing, ground floor, Ülemiste City, 11415 Tallinn). The seminar is in English and free of charge.

❗️To ensure safety for all the participants and guest speaker, participants must provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or proof of obtaining immunity through having COVID-19 during the last 6 months.

Places are limited for this event so make sure to register yourself from this link:

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