Could I become an entrepreneur (Do you have the mindset?)

🧐 You’ve been thinking about how you could become a successful entrepreneur?
This time we’re doing a seminar / workshop for you to get a better understanding.

During this session, we will help you understand the following things:

✅ The nature of business and the roles of an entrepreneur;
✅The risks and opportunities associated with business. Assessment of one’s own suitability as an entrepreneur.
✅ An overview of the business start-up subsidy (EVAT) issued by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

The workshop is held at our cozy office. So expect coffee and tea :)
⏱ Duration: about 3 h.
Speaker: Margit Ivanov, Career Counselor at Tallinn Career Center, Estonian Unemployment Fund

❗ As the number of seats is limited, please secure your spot by registering!

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