Adaptation to Estonian Culture

📢 Hey there, fellow adventurers in Estonia! 🇪🇪 We know that navigating a new country can bring up a whirlwind of questions and curiosities. From puzzling over cultural quirks to deciphering the delightful mysteries of Estonian cuisine, we’re all in this together, embracing the snowy wonders of November! 🌍❄️❤️

🌟 Bundle up for an enlightening winter session that’s all about cracking the code to seamless settling-in – brought to you by the International House of Estonia! 🏠✨❄️

🗓️ Mark your calendars for November 28th at 16:30 (Estonian time), and make your way to the heart of it all: International House of Estonia, Valukoja 8, C-section, Öpiku Maja, first floor. 🏛️❄️

💬 Get ready to be captivated by Lucía Riet (! 🎙️ As a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Lucía wears the expat shoes herself, and she’s here to spill the beans on her journey of moving to Estonia and gracefully adapting to the ebb and flow of life here in the crisp November air. 🌊 From cultural idiosyncrasies that might make you raise an eyebrow to the triumphs and trials of acclimatization – Lucía’s got a treasure trove of pro-tips to share that’ll make your winter transition a breeze. ☀️🌈❄️

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