What’s New in Future City Science: Urban Dynamics

🏙️Together with our City of the Future Professorship team, we are again looking at the future of cities. This time, we will closely look at how the different economic actors can contribute to the city’s economy and vitality. Join us for an exciting overview of the results of research and developments presented by the Future City Professorship team and the City of Tallinn.

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The seminar will be in English and is free of charge for everyone.

Title: Digitalised cities and urban economy. New type of Urban Dynamics
Urban economics is essential for viable cities. Typically, individual companies and other urban actors constantly make dissipated location decisions in the framework of regulations and institutions, seeking for the best possible locations. Resulting patterns – clusters, networks or dynamics – are often hard to predict or control, although they follow a certain logical order.

Presenter: Jenni Partanen (Professor of
Future City in TalTech, Architect)

Title: Key economic actors in Tallinn’s digital urban transformation
Digitalization of the city of Tallinn represents major changes in how we interact in the city now and in the future. While the most extreme predictions about a completely virtual urban life have clearly not been realized, it is also clear that we are witnessing many interesting developments in how digital technologies are changing cities.
This presentation presents findings from urban studies research based on discussions with representatives of different local organizations in Tallinn. It calls for discussion about the urban actors that have had and will have the most substantial impact on changing our everyday interactions.

Presenter: Olli Jakonen (PhD Student of Urban Studies at TalTech)

✔️10.50 –11.15
Title: Challenges of Tallinn in creating a sustainable and dynamic urban environment.
Impact of digitalisation. How the city of Tallinn is tackling challenges that arise from digitalisation and new behavioural trends among its citizens and entrepreneurs. Challenges arising from the new era of the urban environment in the planning and implementation. Sustainable development goals in every policy. Lessons learnt from our projects.

Presenter: Kalle Killar (City of Tallinn, Business Director at Tallinn City Strategic Management Office)

Q&A, discussion with presenters. About the next seminar and blog (prof. Jenni Partanen)

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