Wellbeing Webinar: Why sitting is so dangerous?

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 9.-9.50 The Revolution of Everyday Activity (in English)
Sitting is a significant part our daily lives. Rest, on occasion, is good for you and is a well-deserved way to reward yourself for a job well done. Sitting as much as we do on a daily basis, however, has surpassed our bodies’ level of tolerance. We sit everywhere. We sit at home, at school, while studying, on business trips, at work. During our free time, all we have to do is seek the support of our chairs. During our daily lives, there is no longer any demand for us to physically exert ourselves or load our muscles.

Arto Pesola (PhD) gives an inspiring lecture about the importance of everyday activities on your health and vitality. Arto has studied how health risks of sitting can be reduced with simple daily actions. In his PhD studies, he discovered that only a 20 minutes reduction in daily sitting time is enough to prevent weight gain in office workers.

•How long can we sit?
•More physical activity or less sitting
•The disadvantages of sitting
•Be an expert in everyday life


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